How To Start SIP Online

How to Start SIP Online

Financial investments are no less than perfect securities. The more you save, the more you secure your future. Quite naturally, judicious individuals are always in search of the best investment channels and opportunities. Amongst various other options, the Systematic Investment Plan or SIP deserves a special mention. As a beneficial, robust, and strong financial investment, the best sip plans has attracted enthusiastic investors as well as the common man!

How to Apply

SIP is an attractive investment plan, and there are no second thoughts about it. However, most of the individuals hate to go through all the paper work and visit their nearest bank branches for the application process. The emergence of the online application process has made things easier for all of them. You don’t need to put aside important work and visit the bank. Sit in the comforts of your home or workplace and apply for a SIP easily! Here are the tips to do so:

  1. KYC is important

Fulfilling the KYC requirements seem to be of paramount significance for every investor. Since you are investing in the best sip plans through ‘equity mutual fund scheme,’ it becomes imperative to meet the KYC criteria. Submit your ID proof, photograph, and an address proof. Choose the IPV or ‘In-Person Verification’ option to authenticate your physical existence.

  1. Online functions

The presence of eKYC will make things easier for the applicant. Quite a few leading companies and financial institutions like Quantum and Birla Sun life Insurance have come forward with their eKYC plans. Applicants need to visit their website and follow the subsequent steps.

  1. The crucial steps

When it comes to applying for KYC, every financial company will have a set of predetermined rules and regulations. While these rules might differ from one another, the basic structure won’t be different. Here are some of the most important steps involved in the process:

  • Provide information: You will have to provide crucial and basic information like your name, address, DOB, contact number, and others.
  • Uploading documents: The documents are highly important while applying for best sip plans. Scan your PAN card and upload it to the website.
  • Video-Call: In-person verification is important, and that’s right where the company will call you up and fix a suitable time for IPV. The video call will confirm your existence, and you will have to present the original address proof and PAN card.
  • Aadhaar is important: If you have an Aadhaar Card, the entire procedure will get simplified for you. When you enter your Aadhaar number, UIDAI will offer you a One-Time-Password or OTP. You can now fill in the details in the application form as all the important details will be right there in front of you. With the Aadhaar card, you won’t require going through a video call.

Register and get started

Once these steps get completed, you can visit the site of the company. Choose the registration link, create your SIP account, opt for the scheme, choose a date, and submit the request. That will help you take the best sip plans within the shortest time!

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