How Do You Know Your Business Needs A New SEO Strategy?

Success in business these days is largely dependent on how well you can do marketing. The rise of the digital economy has opened new frontiers’ for small and big companies to reach to customers and in this competitive digital jungle, the only company that makes it is the one that is creative enough to keep revenues streaming and customers coming.  It’s something that looks and sounds easy yet as many marketers have come to find out, it’s always far from that, marketing is about adapting and it doesn’t matter how good you are, you need to see to it that your SEO and digital marketing plans respond to changing dynamics in the market all the time. So, how do you know it’s time to rethink strategy as far as digital marketing goes? Here are some tips to note:

How Do You Know Your Business Needs A New SEO Strategy?

Reducing Returns On Investment

Marketing is an investment. It’s spending money to make money! As you are tracking your marketing, the marketing expenditure should be critically analyzed against the revenue it’s generating. For example, there is no sense in spending 500, 000 SEK on digital marketing a year only for online sales to fall short of that. In that case, if you have realized that returns on investment from marketing efforts are going down by the day, you must start to critically look at your strategy and see whether there are areas you can improve.

Drop in SERPs

SERPs or search engine ranking positions are central in the digital space. If people are able to find you through organic search then the chances of generating quality leads are very high. There is a reason why companies fight to be on Google page one. That is where the money is and in case you are seeing a consistent and steady drop in your search engine ranking positions, then something has to change. Critically analyze your strategy and see what you are not doing right or what you are not doing at all.

Traffic Drop

It’s normal for traffic to drop and peak once in a while. So that is not what we are talking about here, a drop in web traffic in this instance simply means a steady drop in the number of site visitors over a prolonged period of time. For example, if you are getting 10,000 visitors per day and for three months in a row this number keeps dropping, you should be worried. It’s important to audit your SEO and see where you can improve.

Search Engine Penalties

Search engine penalties are designed to put a stop to people who are trying to cut a corner when it comes to SEO. Marketing has to be long term and you can’t afford to get caught trying to trick the system. In case SEO penalties have become one thing too many for your business then something is not right.

These are some of the simple indicators that can tell you that it’s time to change your digital marketing plan. You can visit for quality SEO audits today.

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