Habits You’ll Want To Give Up To Become A Better Business Owner

While many people look at the life of an entrepreneur as one of the most glamorous lifestyles anyone can lead, the reality of living as an entrepreneur is nowhere near as stress-free, as carefree, and as 100% happy has some people would think it is.

Truth be told, when you are pilot of your own ship (so to speak) you are into just in complete and total control over your success, but you’re also responsible for any failures, any shortcomings, and any missteps or mistakes that you and your business make along the way.

Combine that with a mountain of responsibility that will inevitably fall squarely on your shoulders as an entrepreneur and it’s easy to see why so many people that start their own businesses are stressed out and ready to pop.

Habits You’ll Want To Give Up To Become A Better Business Owner

Thankfully, there are a couple of habits that you can give up – yes, that you can abandon – that are going to dramatically improve your life almost immediately. Not only will they make you a better business owner, but they are also going to make you a better person as well!

Give up triple overtime

The one thing that separates truly successful business owners and entrepreneurs from those that aren’t all that happy or all that successful is the fact that real business owners understand that you have to stop trading time for money or you’re never going to make it.

Once you get this concept, of distancing your income from the amount of time that you spend on your business or in your business, you’ll be able to immediately explode your income AND your happiness at the exact same time. Work smarter, not harder!

Abandon negative self talk

According to research conducted in the field of psychology and medicine, we spend a lot of time talking to ourselves – to the tune of between 300 to 1000 words spoken to ourselves (most of the time silently) every single minute.

That’s a lot of self chatter!

Unfortunately, for a lot of people that are living with a lot of stress, a lot of pressure, and a lot of uncertainty (which describes pretty much every entrepreneur and business owner ever), it’s really easy for that self talk to become negative – and that’s what’s going to run you right off of the rails.

No matter what else you do, you need to give up the habit of negative self talk and instead start building yourself up as often and as frequently as you can. Your confidence obviously needs to be rooted in reality (or you won’t buy whatever it is you are shoveling), but you can dramatically improve your confidence and your positive outlook just by improving the way that you talk to yourself on a regular basis.

Stop blaming anyone or everyone else

At the end of the day, you have to really accept complete and total ownership not only of your business but of every decision and action that you take – regardless of whether or not you really feel that you are responsible.

All of us are in total control of our lives, the way that we perceive our world around us, and the decisions that we make even when someone else puts us on the spot. Take full responsibility for EVERYTHING and you’ll start to see the world around you change dramatically and you’ll be a lot happier to boot!

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