Beneficial Impact Of Different Types Of RC Vehicles

Radio Cars and Trucks are the fastest growing devices in the past decade. They are fast, exciting, and everyone can enjoy it irrespective of their age. Basically, RC land vehicles have four main categories:

  • Off Road Buggies
  • On Road Cars
  • Monster Trucks
  • Stadium Race Trucks

You can use any of these vehicles that can power either electrically or by nitro gas. Now we will describe these four categories of RC vehicles.

Off Road Buggies

The Off Road Buggy is very popular and interesting RC vehicle and is the vehicle that started the R/C car craze. They are open-wheeled design RC cars with lots of ground clearance, full-travel suspension along with knobby tires for grip. They can travel at any condition or at any anywhere. Off Road Buggies can be found in two and four wheel drive in which common size is 1/10 scale but other sizes are also present like 1/8 and1/4 scale. These cars are electric and nitro powered both. But mostly it is powered by gas.

On Road Cars

On Road, car racing becomes more now a day due to racing purposes these cars exceed in popularity from off road cars in many areas. On Road racing has categorized into two parts that include:

  • Very smooth surface for running that can be an outdoor track or carpet indoor track because gym floor or concrete surface is not suitable due to their slippery surface.
  • The newer parking lot racing called sedan or touring car racing. They are actually designed to work on pavement.

The On Road cars can attain very high speeds. In these cars electric on road cars are normally of 1/12 and 1/10 scale but nitro-powered versions are of 1/10 and 1/8 in scale.

Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks are like off road buggies but not as fast as off road buggies. They have the ability to climb, pull, and crush. These trucks basically can run on any terrain. These trucks consist of four huge and deep tread tires mostly configured in 4WD, and can also have four wheel steering. Nitro versions of these trucks are also popular. The common size in these vehicles is 1/10.

Stadium Race Trucks

Stadium Racer is a combination of Off Road Buggy and Monster Truck. They have become most popular category RC vehicle. These cars are available in both electric and nitro-powered versions. They are also fast moving cars.

Although these radio control cars have become more popular now a day due to its different categories and versions. Many new designs are also available in the market like WLtoys 10428 1/10 that can better run on Off road and as well as On road tracks. In short, they are of great interest and in most areas, people feel the joy to run these cars in racing. These cars have generally changed the concept of racing and now most people find it interesting more than indoor games because you can enjoy playing with these cars alone and as well as in the crowd.