Use ReMarketing and Boost Google AdWords Campaign Performance, Know How

adwords remarketing

In the sales industry, converting cold prospects—clients/consumers who are little or no knowledge of your business-is considered one of the most difficult tasks. Irrespective of the skill sets or experience of the salesperson, the probability of closing the sale remains below 0.5, which means more than half the people contacted show declination towards your call to actions (CTA).

This phenomenon remains true for every type of marketing and sales strategy, be it in-person sales or one mediated through technology, such as pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads. On the contrary, people who are aware of the business or visited the websites are easiest to convert. In the field of PPC advertisement, the methodology to reach such consumers or clients is known as remarketing, employing the avenues offered by Google Adwords, including search network and display network. Using remarketing, a proficient PPC professional can get in touch with the consumers across the Internet. Evidently, remarketing services are one of the most potent vehicles Google presents in its marketing arsenal.

Those professionals who recognize the potential of remarketing reap great profits for the companies they run PPC campaign. However, there is still a big chunk of people who do not know how to make the most of AdWords remarketing, and therefore, here I discuss ways to use remarketing to boost Google AdWords campaign performance. However, before that, a brief introduction to launching a remarketing campaign.

Setting up remarketing
Set up remarketing tab can be accessed by clicking on the side tool bar of AdWords; first go to “Shared Library,” then click on the “Audience” and access “View tab,” and follow the steps. The next step includes adding remarketing tags, click “Tag details,” followed by “Setup” as well as “View AdWords tag for websites.” Select the tags that populate and place in front of closing </body> tag. The next step is creating remarketing list.

TIP: AdWords remarketing needs minimum numbers of visitors to employ the remarketing; in other words, a minimum benchmark must be achieved; for targeting display network, one must have at least 100 visitors in a month, just like for search campaigns, 1,000 active visitors should have visited the website.

Use ReMarketing and Boost Google AdWords Campaign Performance, Know How

Once the lists are created, one can run the remarketing campaigns.

Creating Broad Remarketing List

The most basic way to boost a campaign is to include every visitor of a website to a remarketing list, that is, to create a broad list. Such strategy, which often is employed only for a brief period, works more as a brand promotion and product marketing for new businesses that want to enhance brand recognition. For established businesses, creating broad list does not help much in increasing conversion, and therefore, refined AdWords remarketing tactics are warranted. For reaching all website visitors, the remarketing list must include the URL of the homepage. It is simple as that.

Displaying Specific Categories

Typically, managers employ this strategy to display USPs and fast moving goods or products. To remarket specific categories, one can add URL of the different categories in the remarketing list. The Ads will be showcased for individuals who had browsed the category or a product.

Reaching user who didn’t Convert

Campaign manager commonly focuses on the visitors who were close to conversion but for some reason did not. For reaching such users, create the list for those who have already converted, and then, using custom combination, exclude them. For this strategy to work, however, one has to target every user, which, at times, can be expensive, and therefore, it is considered better to target those who abandoned their carts.

Targeting user who Added Products to Kart

Create a list of user who reached shopping kart page and for those, who have completed the purchase. Then exclude the converted visitors from the list by employing custom combination.

Use the remarketing strategies to boost your sales like a professional. Experienced professionals further fine tune ways to reach visitors based on their behavior, however, mastering those needs time and technical skills. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a white label AdWords services agency.

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