Tips, Tricks, and Tools To Improve Business Writing


If you’re in business, you must be writing almost all the time. Be it emails, memos, business proposals, PowerPoint presentations, product descriptions, and whatnot. With all the competition and modern day dynamics, a need arises for one to be more efficient and effective in business writing. Business school may teach you the basics, but the finer aspects of business writing that are sure to give you an edge in the business world can only be acquired through real-life experience.

Let’s consider some vital tools, tricks, and tips that will effectively improve your business writing.

Tips to Improve Business Writing

Tip 1: Understand your Audience

Humanity is characterized by diversity. All people are not the same. Therefore, not all subjects might resonate well with your audience. The substance of your message should be specific to your audience. Therefore, it comes as imperative to know and understand your audience. To effectively do this, check these important aspects:

  • Age of your audience
  • Level of education
  • Familiarity with the subject
  • Likelihood to accept your message
  • Urban environment or rural environment

The above information will help you to prepare a message that will be readily accepted by the audience in question.

Tip 2: Understand Your Message

Typically, there’s no way that you can explain a message to another party if you don’t understand it yourself. The obvious result will be that the message will not be conveyed. Thus, before embarking on writing, ensure that you understand the key message that you’re trying to convey to the minds of the readers. This way, the process of writing will become more objective.

Tip 3: Observe Brevity

Many business writers out there undervalue the importance of brevity. When you write for business, this is not just casual writing. It’s not a love letter or a friendly letter. Your message has to be direct.

To aid you in this:

  • Write short sentences
  • Be brief
  • Avoid adjectives
  • Desist from using long phrases
  • Avoid ambiguity
  • Desist from being verbose

Tip 4: Desist From Using Shorthand Messages

It’s common for business writers to mix up shorthand messages and abbreviations while writing. Many times, they do this subconsciously, especially if they’re used to writing in such a manner. The underlying idea is that this is business writing and not a chat with your texting buddies. Thus, you have to use full expressions and full words. Use formal language. Be professional. If you find that you tend to use abbreviations often, then make a mental note or even a physical reminder to proofread your work to remove them.

Tricks to Improve

The above list of tips is not exhaustive, but they are effective.

Even so, there are some tricks that you could use together with these tips to improve your business writing.

Trick 1: Put the Most Important Message at the Top

Many people skim through messages as opposed to reading them. Therefore, one thing that you can be sure of is that they will not read it conclusively. To counter this, put the most important message at the top. That way, even if they do not finish reading the whole message, you will still convey the gist of what you wanted to put across.

Trick 2: Make use of Capitalized, Uppercase, and BOLD words

Employ this with the most vital points that you want to address. This technique will make the important words stand out from the rest and hence capture the eyes of the reader. The reader will tend to read those words first.

Tools to Improve

Another essential aspect of business writing is the tools that enable you to write effectively. Just like a technician in any technical field needs tools to effectively perform their work, business writers too have their tools.

Let’s consider some online tools that may come in handy:

Tool 1: (

This is one of the best tools that should be in your writing toolbox. You can always count on it to:

  • Check your grammar
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Check the spelling

In addition, it can help you improve the readability of your write-up and also cut out overused words. What’s more? It’s absolutely free!

Tool 2:

This is another useful tool that you can employ in your business writing. If you want to enjoy an unmatched custom writing service, look no further. The upside of using is that they have a team of highly qualified writers who are ready to act on your specific instructions. Thus, you can be sure of getting the best quality custom writing service available in the market. Their work output is outstanding in terms of content and originality. Go ahead and place your order today and benefit from their discount coupons.

Tool 3: Dragon Dictation

This is one of the favorite tools as per the views of many business writers. With this software, you just say out loud the words that you want to write and the software does the rest. It converts your speech into text. The intriguing thing about it is the accuracy at which it operates. Thus, you end up saving time and effort. Another thing is that it allows you to hear how your words sound, giving you a chance to improve on clarity.

Tool 4: Email Excellence

This tool is quite handy especially in writing business emails. It recognizes the different positions that people hold on the corporate ladder and gives timely advice to help you improve your business writing. If you want to learn the fine art of writing business emails, this is your best pick.


In conclusion, business writing should stop being an uphill task. When you apply these tips and tricks and utilize the highlighted tools you are sure to benefit. Use them decisively and effectively and see for yourself how the quality of your business writing improves.