Souvenir Boom: TOP Popular Souvenirs To Take Form Portugal

European culture, North Africa as a neighbor, hot climate – this is unforgettable Portuguese atmosphere. This is a country where different cultures meet each other to make something special and creative. This is also a country where you should buy something interesting and atmospheric to buy for present. People are involved in the successful business brunch of selling-buying souvenirs. Everything is in trade, including clothes, ceramics and pedigree animals. There is a list of popular Portuguese souvenirs.

Hunting for Souvenirs

Learning the information from the local touristic guides and maps, you can see a lot of places to buy cork souvenirs and port wine. You may add the list with the leather bags, hand-made shoes, food and goffering. Watch fakes! There are many souvenir shops in every Portuguese city. So, there are many low quality Chinese fakes. Portuguese souvenirs can be divided into several groups:


Food and Drinks Souvenirs


Cork Souvenirs

Leather Souvenirs

Clothes and Textile Souvenirs

Pieces of Arts

It is very important to buy souvenirs from the special shops hidden deep into the city streets. Thus, it is better to hire a car in Porto or Lisbon to go to the historical part of the city or city suburbs to buy something cheap and special. Thus, you have to visit a small Portuguese town Fatima on the West of the country. This holly place is attractive for Catholics from all over the world. You can buy the bottles of holly water there.

Mann mit Gitarre auf Flohmarkt Feira da Ladra


It is not a secret that people buy original ceramic souvenirs for present: plates, magnets, salad dishes. They are different forms and colors. All of them are made according to the ancient technologies. They are made with hands to be sold for high price. You can buy original ceramic souvenirs made in form of pumpkin or strawberry. You can also buy piquant penis-bottles for 15 EUR.

Cork Souvenirs

Did you know that more than 50% of the cork trees are from Portugal? This is a kind of material to make creative things of it: dresses, bags, umbrellas, even pictures. The cork souvenirs live long to be very easy by weight. The price for cork bag is 30-50 EUR.

Leather Goods

The bags, wallets, belts…Portugal is a country of many beautiful leather things. The high quality Portuguese footwear is popular all over the world. Travelling to Lisbon, go to Baixa-Chiado Street. There are many shoe shops with the wide assortment there. Pay attention to that nice hand-made pair of shoes! The leather wallet costs for 30-40 EUR. Men shoes are for 300 EUR.

Pedigree Animals

It is not about the animals but puppies from Serra de Estrela. The price for such a souvenir is high – thousands and thousands of EUR. Never forget that you face such problems as customs, documents, and vaccinations – all that are needed to transport animals.


There are many little shops on the streets of Portugal, where you can buy many interesting souvenirs made by local craftsmen. This is clothes, accessories, food souvenirs. Portuguese farmers sell their sausages and cheese. Craftsmen sell different sorts of national clothes, textile, sweaters, hats and table covers.

Souvenirs, Lagos, Portugal

For example, kids like Barcelos peacocks that you can buy in Lisbon. Actually you can see the picture of peacock on the magnets, ceramics. You can see interesting peacock-bells or glassy souvenirs, or peacocks made of clay and cork. This is unofficial symbol of Portugal. The price of it is 2 EUR. Looking for good present for girls, you may buy high quality cosmetics. The most popular company to buy cosmetics is Castelbel. You may buy fruit soap with different odors (rice, pears and lavender). How about the best natural cosmetics – Oceanic Salt?

Go to Aveiro – you can buy Oceanic Salt there. Speaking about small souvenirs, think about traditional Portugal ceramics – azulejo. The choice is wide! You are offered to buy something small but colorful for 2 EUR like plates, pumpkin-ships, magnets, football symbols.

cosmetic bag with makeup products

Wine a Port Wine

You have to buy a bottle of good Portuguese wine. This is the best present ever. The most popular are Port wine, Green wine, White and Rosy wines. How about buying the tastiest cherry liquor Ginja? The price for green wine is 2 EUR and Port wine is 5 EUR.

Olive Oil

French, Spanish and Portuguese oil are good in quality. Nevertheless, Portuguese wine is cheaper. If you want to buy high quality product, you should read the sign and find the words Azeite Virgem extra on it. The question of transportation is the next. It is better to buy oil in the tin canes. The price for bottle is 3 EUR.


It is better to buy cheese in the specialized shop. You can find hard or soft cheese, salty or sweet cheese, fresh and old sorts of cheese. The most popular of them is Queijo Fresco (dessert cheese in the glasses) and Queijode Sao Jorge (it is produced in the Azoreses). The price starts from 5 EUR.

Pasteis de Nata

Of course, you heard a lot about this Portuguese dessert! The motherland of this dish is Lisbon. Actually, this is a biscuit bucket filled with the egg cream. Of course, you should not take the dessert in the plane. It is better to taste it in the local café to remember the taste forever and ever.


You can meet a lot of exotic fruits in the Portugal market. Annona cherimola is also called sugar apple. The fruit looks like a big green cone. It tastes like banana, creams and papaya all together. If you want to buy fruits for present, try to buy only hard fruits. The other exotic Portuguese fruit is called bananas. It is like pine apple and banana. To transport it in the best way, you have to choose green and hard fruits.

Funchal Public Market - 16

Finally, you can buy a lot of interesting souvenirs in Portugal. Some of them are cheap, the others are not. So, you have to think of your budget beforehand.