Planning To Start With Your Doctoral Dissertation? Top Things You Need To Keep In Mind!

Planning To Start With Your Doctoral Dissertation? Top Things You Need To Keep In Mind!So now it is time for you to start with your doctoral dissertation, isn’t it? You are finally set to become full-fledged doctor after writing many assignments, joining committee, and passing all examinations! One of the most common misconceptions about doctoral dissertation is that it is considered to be final definitive work of the academic career by many people.

The reality is a bit different. While it may be an essential part of your academic career, it is definitely not the last paper that you will write. Before you start writing one, it is important to think about various aspects of your writing. After all, it will demonstrate your writing abilities and it is an opportunity for you to impress the faculty of your University as well as peers.

Downsize your problems

Before you even start writing, ensure that you as well as your supervisor agree well on table of contents. While it may seem obvious, there are many students that start working on chapters directly without thinking anything.

Once the table of contents is decided, it is now time to expand into detailed outline. It can be as long as you want it to be and can consist of chapter titles, subtitles, diagrams, table titles, and so on. Your outline will help you in keeping track and even offer you an effective framework for your text. It allows you to manage your writing as a whole.

Deciding the format

The standard format for your thesis will depend on your specific department or university. If this is the case, you will likely have to follow that standard template. If there is no such standard format, you can easily take best suggestions online and pick up a format that you like and which appeals best to your thesis.

However, make sure that it is easy to be used. Once your thesis is sent by you to the committee for reviewing purpose, you may want to upgrade your layout. Moreover, while being on subject of format, make sure to use proper citation format for your references’ list. You will likely need to use approved format for citing sources from the very beginning.

Few tips for a Hassle free Thesis

  • Always plan ahead of time while writing your thesis. Never save data analysis for the very last minute. It is always a better thing if you have multiple options right from the beginning.
  • Write an outline properly and make sure to stick to it throughout your writing process.
  • Always ensure to confirm the table of contents that you have written with your respective supervisor.
  • To get the timely work, make deadlines for yourself and always stick to it.
  • Never reinvent the wheel. You can easily transform your published articles into your thesis chapters.
  • Prevent from working in distracting places. A quiet place such as library can be a good place to work.

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