Mistakes To Avoid When Handling Corrupted SD Cards To Minimize Data Loss

Mistakes To Avoid When Handling Corrupted SD Cards To Minimize Data LossSD cards are like the brains of any digital camera or electronics in which they are supported to store all the data. They are convenient and portable memory cards which offer much amount of space to store your data. Though it may happen sometimes, unfortunately your data disappears due to mishandling of the card. But there are several ways through which you can increase your chances of full recovery of your SD card.

Handling Mistakes

  • One of the most common mistakes we do while handling SD cards is removing them while they are still in use. Let the card be fully written and do not take it out hastily before it does. If you do this, you can disrupt the structure of the file that is developed in the device with numbering sequence and unique formatting.

It is recommended that you use different cards for different devices as the card is formatted to match all the specifications of every device. Also, the chances of recovery are higher if you do so.

  • This is the most common thing that every camera user must keep in mind, keeping your SD card away from dirt, heat and water. These cards are too small and sensitive do not bring them under sudden temperature changes. You should cover the card in a plastic cover always.
  • When transferring your photos from card to the computer, you must be very careful. You need to first make a backup of all your images on your computer and then format the card to avoid any unnecessary deletion of your precious images. If your file has been accidentally or destructively deleted, there are zero chances that your data will be recovered.
  • This problem has been faced by many people who have used SD cards, deletion of photos during photo rotation and editing. Many people make a mistake of editing or rotating an image while downloads.

This tends to change the structure information and overwrite the other data on the card. Rotating one photo can mess up all the other photos. So wait until the formatting or downloading is done and then use the camera’s rotating and editing functions.

  • Backfilling is one the common handling mistake that will not allow any recovery if the image is lost. In backfilling, the user shoots photos in place of those images which have been deleted. This causes some file problems by filling digital holes instead of storing the new images.

Take care of Your Cards

USB data recovery can be very simple if you have taken proper care of your device and the card. Avoiding some simple mistakes will allow you to make a faster recovery and all your precious images won’t be lost.

SD cards can come really cheap, but the data stored in them is quite worthy, so never make any stupid mistake that makes you lose all the data. If you are going through a hard time recovering your data, you can also turn to data recovery services that will help you get back your data.

SD cards are very fragile and petite. You must never consider them as a permanent storage device but temporary placeholders and transfer their data carefully as soon as possible to avoid any data loss.