Meet 3 Power Packed NBA & NFL Teams Of Wisconsin

Both the NFL and the NBA are well loved by fans across the USA and the world. The teams that are members of these leagues have a rich history and they are popular not only for their action- packed games but for their entertaining official team mascots as well. Wisconsin is a state that boosts of three popular teams that have won the hearts of thousands of NFL and NBA fans. The names of these three teams are The Green Bay Packers, The Milwaukee Brewers and The Milwaukee Bucks.

Meet an Ardent Fan of Wisconsin NFL and NBA Teams

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of NBA and NFL teams in Wisconsin. He says that when it comes to the latest news and updates of his favorite teams that are The Milwaukee Bucks, The Milwaukee Brewers and The Green Bay Packers, he loves to share them with like-minded fans. He says that each of these three teams have a rich history and this is why they are well loved and respected today in the USA!

He says that he loves all three teams and say that their players mascots have fans both young and old in the state. Like for instance, The Green Bay Packers- this team is one of the oldest franchisee teams of the NFL league. Founded in 1919, this team has loyal fans that have booked tickets to all their matches since 1960. Yes, if you wish to catch Green Bay Packers live in action, you have to wait for decades. There are over 86,000 names in the waiting lists for their matches and one person in every 40 years gets the chance to see them play in action. This is one team where you will not find a mascot.

If you are fond of mascots and their antics, The Milwaukee Brewers have the happy and jolly Bernie Brewer and the racing sausages to entertain you. The official mascot of the team is in honor of one of their fans called Milt Mason. He was an elderly 69-year old fan that slid down the rope of the scoreboard when the crowd turnout at one of their home games crossed 40,000 fans.

The Milwaukee Bucks too has an amazing performance record. Founded in 1968 as an expansion team, it gradually became famous as an independent team. Some of the most prominent players of this team were Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Reed, Brandon Jennings and Jabari Parker. They are loved by both young and old fans alike. The nation is incomplete without these famous NBA and NFL players.

Sandy Petrocelli says that he is proud of his state’s teams and loves watching their matches. Though, it is hard to watch the matches of The Green Bay Packers however, you can catch them in action at their summer training camps where they provide bike rides to their young fans from the dressing rooms to the training fields. This is one of the most unique and interesting ways, the team keeps in touch with their fans and love it!

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