Benefits Of Business Video Collaboration

Capture each visual signal and do not miss any details. When remote employees can collaborate as naturally as when they are in person, each meeting has an impact and makes your company move forward. The right video collaboration solution such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting will not only eliminate problems, but open up new opportunities.

Take full Advantage of Video Collaboration:

  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of remote conversations and meetings
  • Reduce travel expenses as the need to meet in person decreases in person
  • Encourage more productive meetings to speed up the decision-making process and reduce lead times
  • Streamline workflow by incorporating video collaboration in the workplace into your everyday tasks
  • Talk face-to-face with your customers and partners more often to generate deeper and more meaningful connections
  • Enable and integrate your growing remote workforce by seeing them more often
  • Capture and distribute important information and training materials visually and more quickly
  • Discover new opportunities to serve your customers and maintain the competitive edge of your company.

Work environment: 

Collaborate anywhere. Our approach considers the needs of your environment. As you explore video collaboration options, consider these important variables for your work environments:

  • Know the variety of environments you have and your requirements. For example, cubicles, home offices, open workspaces, executive offices, training rooms, etc., each space has a different function and soundproofing problems.
  • Find solutions that are designed to address the unique challenges of each work environment and provide a superior collaborative experience.
  • Explore the way people work in each space and make sure that the video collaboration solution is continuously integrated into the processes and the natural workflow of your company.


Collaborate with naturalness. We make sure that technology never gets in the way. Here’s how to select the best video experience that drives your business:

  • Make sure everyone can easily use the solution and not waste time or money on training.
  • Direct people’s attention to the meeting (not the technology) by finding solutions that fit their working environment.
  • An efficient video solution should help you easily share screen from any device, including personal computers, mobile devices, documentation cameras, the web and even cloud storage.
  • It should be flexible enough for users to connect with HDMI or VGA cables, or even wirelessly, when required by the application.


  • Get striking collaborations. The right solution will boost your business and make each meeting count.
  • Unleash the full potential of collaboration by choosing a solution that integrates correctly into the specificity of your business processes and existing collaboration tools.
  • Look for a standards-based solution that is designed to adapt to changes in your business environment.
  • Select a solution that can be fully integrated with your existing unified communications and collaborations tools for existing teamwork, such as Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business.
  • Confirm the total cost of the video collaboration solution, including the steps required to integrate it with the rest of your systems.
  • Find a recognized provider in the industry, known for its quality, customer service, technology leadership and excellence in offering standards-based open solutions that interact with leading unified communication platforms.