5 Schengen Travel Insurance Misconceptions You Should Know Before Going To Europe

The Schengen Zone comprises 26 different countries in Europe. There is an agreement that allows safe traveling to those who travel for business or friendly purposes to and fro between those 26 countries in entire Europe. Every body takes help and advantage of this Schengen visa while traveling through Europe.

5 Schengen Travel Insurance Misconceptions You Should Know Before Going To Europe

Be it a business trip or a family trip; both would require a Schengen visa to travel smoothly in Europe and its 26 countries.

Now, there are many travel agents who make the visas easily available for those who want to travel in any of those 26 European countries. You really need a trustworthy travel agent who could conduct and apply for your travel visa in Europe. There are many misconceptions that people are entangled with, related to travel insurance. Now before you travel to and fro across Europe freely and smoothly, you would definitely and certainly require travel insurance, so that your travelling becomes more delightful.

What is Schengen Travel Insurance?

So now if you jump on this question that what are those frequently asked questions before you get a travel insurance done for traveling in Europe. Travel insurance is done for those big, or small unexpected things happen when or if you move out of your country. It can be for any simple things or may be the most horrible nightmare that occurred with you. Even if your luggage is lost by the airlines, if you have travel insurance, all will be sorted.

Here you go with the answer. Travel insurance is one of the most important insurance that you should rather buy before traveling any place or before planning a trip. Just as you have other insurance done, similarly you need to buy travel insurance before planning official, personal or any trip. No matter how far you go or for how many days, you must buy a travel insurance to keep yourself protected against any mishaps.

5 Schengen Travel Insurance Misconceptions You Should Know Before Going To Europe

Here are few misconceptions that you should be aware of and should know how to travel across Europe.

  1. Is Schengen travel insurance just like health insurance? The answer is a big no! People think that travel insurance is just like any other health insurance. You break a leg, your ear drum damages, the theft took place just before you are going out, and all you need is travel insurance to get you out of this mess. You need not visit a doctor before you go out.
  2. Most travel insurance does not treat you for your ongoing illness. But yes, if you break your leg while diving or you fall sick while traveling then travel insurance is helpful.
  3. If you hurt yourself while you’re drunk on a family trip in the EU, then travel insurance is not covered.
  4. Will travel insurance cover me in my own country? No, possibly not. If you are not the US or a Canadian resident, travel insurance will possibly not cover you.

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