Why Everyone Needs A Spare Key

A spare key is essential to have for all car owners. Keys are locked inside vehicles or lost all the time; even if you don’t think this would happen to you, spare keys are also useful for others in your home who may at some point need access to your vehicle. Here are some of the top reasons to keep a spare key available at all times.

Save Time and Money

Whether you use your car to commute to work, or to take road trips, cars are an integral part of our week. Owning a spare key can prevent significant amounts of wasted time and revenue. Hiring a locksmith is never cheap, and no matter where you are, it will cost more than having a spare key created. Not only this, but a locksmith may not be able to make your key as well as the original, since their process involves dismembering your ignition in order to get the key code. Leaving a key with a trusted friend or family member who is relatively close by would allow you to avoid incurring unnecessary losses, and should you decide to have a locksmith make another key, the spare can serve as a less invasive way to get it.

 A spare key is also an easy way to alleviate stress and anxiety. Getting locked out of your car usually happens at inconvenient times, such as when you’re leaving for work, or trying to make it to an appointment. Waiting for the locksmith arrive and perform their services will undoubtedly mean being late. It could also mean putting yourself in potential danger if you’re stuck waiting in unfamiliar places or at night.

There is also the potential of revenue loss from wear and tear. All keys and locks wear down over time from constant usage. A spare key can help prolong the wear and tear on the original key and locks; by rotating between keys, repairs such as replacing an ignition cylinder can be avoided.

Save Your Driver Settings

In this day and age, car manufactures have made vehicles extremely intuitive to your needs and personal comforts. Car keys have the capability of memorizing personal music preferences, volume levels, maximum speeds, even air conditioning settings; you name it, your key can memorize it. Owning a spare key means multiple drivers can save their personal settings for the same vehicle. No longer is there a need to waste time readjusting the car settings after someone borrows the vehicle.

This could also allow parents to keep their children safe, even when they’re not in the car during a ride. Parents can prevent their young drivers from hazardous habits, such as blaring music, or driving at unsafe speeds.

Some Guidelines to Having a Spare Key

While there are many benefits to having a spare key, there are some key things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure your safety, and to guarantee that your spare will come in handy when it needs to.

  • If you choose not to leave your spare key with a trusted friend or family member, then you are the only person who needs to know the spare key exists. This key is connected to one of the most expensive items you own, treat it as such.
  • Leave your spare where it is easily accessible. Think about your daily habits in order to decide where it is best to put it. For instance, some find that it is better to leave it at their office, while others may decide to leave it at a nearby friend’s apartment.
  • Should you choose to leave you key with a friend, make sure they’re someone you trust! Will this person be willing to bring you your spare at any time or place, convenient or otherwise? Can you be sure they will only use to key when you grant them permission?

Spare keys can mean the difference between having a smooth day and being completely thrown off. They come in handy when you least expect it, and can save you immeasurable amounts of time and revenue. You cannot go wrong with this simple purchase. Take advantage!

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