The Influence Of Home Decor On Selling You Home

Home décor can have a huge influence on many aspects of your life. The way you decorate your home can help you feel at ease, and it often reflects your interests and family dynamics. However, when you are selling your home, the décor can have a strong influence on how potential buyers perceive your home and the price they are willing to pay. While you may have a unique style all your own, you want to make sure that potential home buyers can see the possibility of changing your home into one that fits their unique style. Here are three great decorating tips to help you best sell your home.

Decorate for the Demographic

Understanding the demographic that you are appealing to will help you decorate your house accordingly. To get an accurate picture, it may be helpful to consult with your realtor. They can help you get a better understanding of the people who will be looking at your home. This understanding can direct your decoration. If you’re your home has a higher price, you probably won’t have any older couples or young families. If your neighborhood is filling up with young families, you may want to turn an office into a nursery. If there is a major tech startup nearby, you may want to decorate in cool grays and neutrals and update your home’s tech.

Make it Neutral

When decorating your home to show, the idea is to present a blank canvas that will allow potential buyers to see themselves living there. You want your décor to be tasteful and to fit the room well, but you also want the potential buyers to be able to visualize their furniture in the room and understand how they could be comfortable living there. You are trying to sell your home, not the lifestyle that you live. Remove any decorations or furniture that will draw attention to them, including rugs, any clutter, and things that don’t quite fit everything else. It may be helpful to have a friend come and help you sort through what should be left out for a showing and what should be removed.

Create Open Space

While you may love your giant over-stuffed couch or large seating area, it could make the area appear very small. When staging a home for a sale, you might want to consider rearranging areas of your home that seem crowded. You can move large or excess furniture pieces into a storage unit, or pair them with smaller pieces of furniture that will allow the potential buyers to see the natural beauty of the home. You can also use natural lighting and mirrors to make a smaller area seem larger. The open space also gives the potential buyers a good feel for the flow of the home and can make it feel more spacious.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your home to help it sell, but there is a way to make it most attractive to more buyers. The key thing to remember is that you want buyers to see the possibilities your home presents for them to make it their own. Clear away the clutter, make it as neutral as possible and make sure you understand who you are catering to so you can create the best layout to attract buyers.