The Future of Computer Workstations

The wave of technological advancements continues to alter work and living environments with the aim of not only increasing productivity but of also providing comfort to the occupants of the space. A lot of the technology corporations have taken the lead in changing their own spaces but in the future, workstations across diverse industries will be transformed into the ideal setup with the following features and functions.

IoT Enabled

Whether the company promotes a bring your own device policy or not, workstations in the future will be enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). According to the aWorkplace of the Future: A Global Market Research Report, the need for mobility and portability will transform workspaces with more workers accessing corporate applications and other platforms from other locations instead of the office.

However, corporate offices will not be entirely phased out but will be equipped with IoT technology that will facilitate connectivity and collaboration among coworkers. Within these corporate offices, there will be flexibility in choosing a workstation to complete solo or group projects. Moreover, there will be spaces fit for team collaboration, where workers can bring their own device, access the corporate work platform, and work with other members within and outside the office. Some workstations will be designed for those who want to work on their own. Consequently, with the rise of computing devices connecting to the corporate network both within and outside the office, companies will be investing in more secure and safe cloud technology to protect data.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Those who work in front of a computer from 9 to 5 are prone to health-related issues such upper and lower back pain. This is exacerbated by a poorly designed workspace that impedes natural form and movement. While back exercises and stretching can temporarily ease the pain and discomfort, there have been cases when continued strength training, pilates and other fitness systems are required for long-term support.

The Future of Computer Workstations

In the future, the incorporation of ergonomic concepts and design in the workplace will be further honed and supported across industries to provide comfortable spaces and seating to employees at work. This is to facilitate a more productive and healthy environment for the workers.

Work and Leisure Space

Workstations of the future will be situated in an open and flexible office environment that allows room for work and leisure. Corporate tech offices have pioneered this practice, which is expected to catch up in the coming years. Take Google for example, whose different corporate offices all over the world have adapted design elements to spur worker productivity and creativity. The tech giant has been known to include quirky spaces within their corporate offices, from amusement parks, music and sports rooms, LEGO rooms, to space-age pods. In their Zurich office, they even have a slide to quickly transport staff to the cafeteria.

This trend is expected to continue in the future, with more companies adopting the work-leisure concept into their own space. As job arrangements become more flexible and more varied, employees will be carving their workspace in non-traditional setups, but these creative features are expected to provide that balanced option for those who still thrive in a traditional office environment. Everyone will stand to gain from this improvement in computer workstations, from the CEO’s of mega corporations all the way down to the semi-professional poker players still living in their mom’s basement.

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