Effective Social Media Marketing Tips from Anik Singal


Increasing brand awareness is constant work and with social media, it is easier to increase visibility to more of a business’ target audience. However many companies, especially the ones that specialize in service delivery, remain in the dark about how social media marketing can be effectively leveraged to increase public awareness for their brand. Social media marketing is much more than opening an account and posting images to be viewed or ‘liked’. Here are effective social media marketing tips that will help you to raise more awareness for your brand this year.

Effective Social Media Marketing Tips To Increase Brand Awareness In 2017

In Case You Didn’t Know

In 2014, 92% of marketers acknowledged the importance of social media to their business, with 80% agreeing that their efforts with social media marketing contributed significantly to increase traffic to their websites. Social Media Examiner holds that an encouraging 97% of marketers currently participate in social media. However, 85% of them are unsure about the best social media tools to use.

Digital publishing expert Anik Singal believes in social media as the vehicle to help increase brand awareness because of its capacity to increase the number of people visiting and staying on a site; and increasing the odds that they will come back. Making use of social media to post links to services and company products on your company website, linking fans and followers to blog posts are therefore effective at increasing awareness.

Social Media Marketing Plan as Brand Awareness Strategy

The best kind of social media marketing plan is one that adequately summarizes everything you intend to achieve in your business using social network. The plan includes an audit of current social accounts, projections for the business social media account for the future, and the tools and methods that would be useful in achieving them all. The more specific a social media marketing plan can be, the more effectively it can implement all laid-down objectives. Your strategy for raising more brand awareness with the use of social media should not be so high as to be unattainable.

A plan for social media marketing serves as a guide for all of your company’s online interactions. It also works as a yardstick to measure the level of success or failure of the entire process by each social media platform in use. Higher brand awareness and greater engagement by the target market can be measured through the use of a social media marketing plan.

Inspiration from Different Sources Makes Effective Social Media Marketing Possible

Industry giants, competitors and clients are different sources you can derive inspiration for your social media marketing from. Especially if you are a beginner in the social media world – even though we wouldn’t completely understand why you would be – and have no idea where to begin.

The first place to start is to ask “what kinds of content and information will result in the most engagement from target market?” to answer this question, study and evaluate what others in the industry are sharing to their own accounts then listen through social media to discover how you can make use of the ideas you get to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of your prospects.

Follow industry leaders to see practical examples from them about using advanced social media marketing techniques. Social media inspiration can also be gotten from consumers, both current and prospective ones alike. Learn their likes and dislikes, their online posting habits and their tweeting style. Through the content they share, you can develop a social media marketing strategy that will effectively cater to them, increase your brand awareness and make them come to you.