SEO or Adwords Which Is Best For Growing Your Website?

SEO or Adwords Which Is Best For Growing Your Website

Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is an online advertising with good deals. Using Google Adwords we can set a budget for ad and pay only when people click on your ads (cost per click).

Google Adwords more concentration on the keywords targeting. It is made for the website owner who wish to promote their company as well as products using paid Ad. In short google Adwords is an advertising tool or program of the Google.

SEO or Adwords Which Is Best For Growing Your Website

The major benefits of Adwords against the search engine optimization is that getting quicker results using Adwords. While clients want to result faster in shorter time than Adwords comes into the pictures.

  • At a time you can focus on multi keywords. 

Most priority gives to the long tail because long tail keywords are more specific than the singular keywords so the ad can be gives a better results and higher click through rate with the lowest competition. Target keywords which search by the visitor like their specific requirement. For example,more visitor search like “How to learn Magento” very few visitors may search “Magento” so user get perfect answer which  he wants. 

  • Target location ,Time & Language properly:

Location based targeting is allow you to target specific country, specific areas. It’s easier to build an essential reputation by paying the same local public sight of a reminder about your presence and services. Use of time and language is also more beneficial.

For example,

If you have an eCommerce shopping website and sell the sun cream then you make an ad on “suncream” and target the country Germany. Then this ad can enable in the summer no more benefits to show ads on to monsoon.

  • Manage campaigns:

First focused on campaigns mechanization and customer engagement.

For example,

There are lots of campaigns with you is too much complicated. If you wish to change bid or some ad group allow for the specific area, then we can manage easily you make a campaign properly. Many points which may help you to manage campaigns. Such as decrease run time. Optimize campaigns strength. Optimize search engine and test to results. 

  • Check your advertising cost every time:

Advertising cost depends on the lots of various variables. It is based on the auction. You have to plan with proper tactics like ad scheduling, Geo targeting as well as device targeting like some of the ad only visible on only mobile or desktop etc.

  • Target specific search and have direct contact:

          For example, customer goes to and search “Odoo Woocommerce connector” then two main types of search results will show. One is organic results    and other is sponsored results.

  • Easily show results:

There are lots of campaigns with you is too much complicated. If you wish to change bid or some ad to group allow many points which may help you to manage campaigns.  Such as decrease run time.


Search engine optimization is working on getting ranking up on all the search engines like google, bing, yahoo and many more search engines. There are lots of factors which you needs to analyze and work on that like keyword targeting, user friendly content, optimized images, link-building and other factors that affect on search engine optimization. After that, make sure your website is search engine friendly.

Using Magento we can easily manage the many factors of search engine optimization like we can set meta title, meta description, autolinks, sitemap and other features of SEO seated at a time on the multiple products.

By optimizing the resulting customer gets the most relevant result. In short SEO  is a process to get more organic traffic and getting highest rank on the search result.

SEO  VS Adwords 

  • Traffic from the SEO is a pure organic whole from the Adwords which is paid traffic.
  • Using the Search engine optimization you have to work hard to get one of the top positions in the organic search results while Adwords ad visible on the top and bottom of google results on some conditions.
  • SEO need a more time to getting results while create a campaign nearly instant and getting targeted traffic. It takes a few times, then SEO.
  • With search engine optimization, you get long term traffic while If you stop the Adword campaigns also stop the traffic.
  • In the search engine optimization focus on some targeted keywords while Adwords focused on multi keywords at a time.
  • SEO can take a long time to set up effective result on google Adwords while Awords can be swapped instantly by turning on and off the campaigns.
  • Adwords needs a keywords while search engine optimization focuses on content also. Provide a high quality content to your reader. You need to put relevant content which is actually user wants. Then it will convert your clicks into business.
  • Search engine optimization and adwords both are the most important to getting your site glitter. Only google Adwords doesn’t work for the all customers. Adwords is only for the user who preferred google. If you work with only adwords then, you may lose a big lump. Because Google Adwords only work for the google then think about the customer who preferred the other popular search engine like yahoo, bing.
  • Adwords and SEO are not over jealous competitors. Both working better. Adwords is optional you can build a website without Adwords, but also you have to need quality content which is useful to your reader. But it’s a better way to choose both. But also you can not enhance your business without adwords. Using both parallel is the greater idea ever.


Ask yourself what is better for marketing, Adwords or SEO? The answer is much clearer, Both. Working in parallel. Adwords is optional But without Adwords, you can’t boost your business. Some of have a question that website having above rank then use Adwords? Yes, even if you have good rank then also use the Adwords to get more traffic. And you can also measure the  performance of the each campaign if they are profitable you can increase or decrease your budgets.