Photography takes An Instance Out Of Time, Altering Time, Holding It Still

Travel Photographer

One single word “Photography “can make a big difference in existing lives. They document the moment in time and freeze it for generations. Photos can remind us of people, pain, separations, happiness and the beauty of a place. In the beginning, people used to make cave drawing to painting on canvas and eventually leading invention of digital photography. It made life easier of capturing every moment of our life like wedding’s special moments, growth of a baby, can save thousand lives by taking out truth away. Teenagers are getting more attracted towards Photography Careers and more on that they enjoy it. So all in all, some wants to click the pictures and some wants to be clicked.

Michael Haddad, an art curator from Harrisburg in Pennsylvania says, People of the United States are more crazy and passionate about photography. They capture every single activity of their existence. People are more concerned about photos instead of what medium they are using, like smart phones or DSLRs. He states that few points, which describe how photography became more popular in our day-to-day activities.

Everyone can be a Photographer: There is no need of specific degree for becoming a Photographer. It is an inherited art that you show on your road trips, trekking and vacations, so generally people are enjoying it because it helps to hold the moments and memories.

Tell a story: Photography generate beautiful stories through some still photos. It reminds of spending time with family and friends. A Photographer gives vision to a dead view and makes it a readable story by his creative mind and talent by using lens of the camera.

Improve you as a Photographer: People always wish they could improve their ability with a camera, so they do comparison of the photos what they have taken and what others have taken of the same place and if they find it more unique than others their heart get filled with joy.

See the beauty in every day activity: A person, who indulges in Photography, is inevitably start to see beauty in unexpected and ordinary places because it changes your everyday experience and make you a solid nature lover and a creative person.

Photography can be a fun time: Some of the crazy people don’t need any verticality for clicking pictures, they only care of taking pictures and just post it on social websites and get more attention than others. It makes them famous and other people call them updated and happening.

Age is just a number: For this passion, age is just a tool. They can make themselves proficient at any age, the only need is eagerness and love for the Photography.

Michael Haddad always admires people for their creativity and hard work. Photography takes out children from every person. Not even teenagers but old age people are also enjoying the phase of Photography. People of the United States are gone full crazy for Photography.