Hottest New Trend: TOP 5 Smart-Backpacks For Travelling

Vancouver is TOP rated city to be the most comfortable place to live. It is situated in Canada. This is also the best visiting city that boasts with its natural attractions and cultural treasures. So, the most popular place why adventure tourists come to Vancouver is Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Visiting Vancouver, Canada

Capilano Bridge is included in the list of the most dangerous bridges in the world. It is really extreme place to be the useful bridge to cross Capilano River. You should hire a car in Vancouver to get to the beautiful landscapes and green forests. You can see the huge totem posts at the bridge entrance. They were placed here hundreds years ago by Squamish tribes. The first bridge was built in 1889. The bridge that you can see today was built in 1956. It is 136 meters long. The construction is impressive but absolutely safe to get the weight of 96 elephants all together.

Of course, you have to be strong to cross the river. The bridge is situated at height to be resonated when you step on it. If you do not like being on height, you feel panic and sickness soon. By the way, Capilano Bridge is private property. So, you should pay for crossing it. More than 900 000 tourists come to see this place. There are many other attractions around the bridge.


Where else can you travel to see interesting places around the Vancouver? Thus, Vancouver Art Gallery, the proud of Canada, is a great opportunity to have one excursion by another. The Natural Center of Canada, Valley Centre Recreation Site is situated 5-6 kilometers far from the Capilano Bridge. Never forget to visit famous water park Birch Bay Waterslides. If you are interested not only in natural treasures, come and see Playland – theme park that is 8 kilometers far from the bridge.

TOP 6 Smart Backpacks for Travellers

So, you are going to Canada. You travel must be well-planned. Where to start? Oh, you should start from choosing the most comfortable travel bag that must be really SMART. The market is full of different kinds of smart-bags for travelling. They are equipped with additional options for all tastes and budgets. Of course, stationary weight-scales and GPS-trackers cannot make your bag easier, but they can make the transportation process safer and more comfortable. Meet TOP 6 smart-bags that you can buy online!

Incase Backpacks

Bluesmart One

Bluesmart One is new generation valise. You can easily control the valise lock with the help of mobile application. You can also control the weight of your luggage and automatic block. There is a battery and two USB-ports to charge your gadgets. You know where your luggage is due to GPS-tracker. It is also worth saying about the valise organization – here are special pockets for laptop and tablet. The price for Bluesmart is about 449$, but you can buy it from Amazon for sale 315$.


Why do you take you huge valise with you? Why don’t you make it to transport us? Modobag is a hybrid of a big valise and scooter, where you can put your luggage and drive it at the speed of 12 kilometers per hour. The buttery works for 9 kilometers, so, if you are tired from waiting for your flight in the airport, you can use your valise and get a little exercise. You can use your Modobag to charge your gadgets and GPS-tracker shows where the valise is at the moment. The weight if the valise is 4.5 kilograms. You can buy it from Indiegogo for 1295$.


This is not a valise but comfortable backpack. It is especially good for cycling travelling. The smart bag has a big pocket for laptop and telephone. The main its advantage is LED-indicators that are easy to see on the road. The bag is equipped with blinking indicators to show every your movement – stopping and turning. Besides, you can receive anti-theft messages with the help of mobile application Lumos Aster App. There is a battery to charge gadgets. Are you interested? You can buy this kind of smart backpack from Indiegogo for 149$.



Meet another interesting backpack that is useful for travellers and every day usage. The gadget is safe and comfortable. It is equipped with hidden zipper and made of special strong material that is resistant to cuts and cracks. The backpack is well-organized space to keep your gadgets safe. It is water resistant, equipped with USB-port and charger. There is also hidden pockets and reflecting stripe to make the bag attractive for cycling. The inner organization keeps your gadgets dry and safe. It is stylish. You can choose it of different colors and sizes. Bobby usually sold for 90 €.


Coolpeds is one more hybrid variant of smart gadget, where you can keep your things safe and drive it. Unlike Modobag, this device looks like electric scooter to drive it stand. The battery is good for 10 kilometers with maximum speed 19 kilometers per hour. The smart bag of this type can be different size to take it as hand luggage. Traditionally, you have a possibility to charge your gadgets from the backpack charger. Do you want to buy Coolpad? It is sold from Indiegogo for 399$.

Mobile Edge ScanFast Collection


If you do not want to buy a smart bag but still worry about the safety of your luggage, pay attention to special trackers. For example, Trakdot luggage tracker helps you to control the place of your luggage. This is not a bag but small mechanism working from two АА batteries. It can be really helpful to find your valise. To use this gadget, you should activate the tracker by checking-in online. You can receive information about your luggage by SMS or mobile application. The price for tracker is 70$. You have to pay 9$ more for activation and 13$ more for one-year subscription. Anyway, it is cheaper than losing your luggage.

Smart bag is not a wise gadget but effective preventive measure to stay your luggage safe.