Great Mediterranean Getaways You Need To Know About

Mediterranean Europe is where you can find the bluest waters, the frothiest waves, and the most spectacular beaches. The diverse culture of this region imparts a different character to each island, and every town boasts of unique flavors, architectural masterpieces, and natural treasures. The beautiful specks of land that adorn the crystal clear sea are covered in dense vegetation and enclose some wonderful relics from the bygone era. Here are a few of the most amazing Mediterranean island getaways that are perfect for a vacation by the sea.

Ischia, Italy

Great Mediterranean Getaways You Need To Know About

The island of Ischia is one of the largest in the Bay of Naples and is home to quaint towns, sprawling vineyards, and verdant gardens. Connected to the island by a narrow causeway is the magnificent Castello Aragonese, a massive 15th-century structure that stands atop a rocky islet. Adding to the vibrant greenery is La Mortella, one of the most resplendent botanical gardens of Italy, which contains several rare species of plants and is beautified by pools and fountains. The carvings and sculptures at Casa Museo are a popular attraction while mesmerizing scenery follows you everywhere you go on this island.

Tenerife, Spain

Great Mediterranean Getaways You Need To Know About

The largest of the Canary Islands of Spain, Tenerife is the land of sandy beaches and a lively nightlife. However, if you look closely, the island is much more than just that, it is, in fact, a delightful amalgamation of cultural and natural wonders. From the iconic bell tower of the Church of the Immaculate Conception to the ornate interiors of Casa de los Balcones, Tenerife is replete with architectural marvels. Equally spellbinding are the gardens that dot the landscape, with Jardin Botanico and the Risco Belle Aquatic Gardens stealing the show. The best time to visit is during the carnival season when the streets come alive with brilliant hues.

Brac, Croatia

Great Mediterranean Getaways You Need To Know About

The most striking feature of the Croatian island of Brac is Zlatni Rat beach, which appears to pierce the waters of the Adriatic Sea. This beach is perfect for sunbathing and a round of windsurfing and has become worldly known thanks to its unique features. Just a short hike away is the Dragon’s Cave where you can admire the carvings of mythical symbols that bring the walls to life. The northern part of the island holds the rustic settlements, including the oldest one at Skrip. Here you will find medieval churches and fascinating museums that reveal the non-touristy side of Brac. Since apartments in Croatia aren’t hard to find, feel free to add Brac to your traveling bucket list.

Crete, Greece

The island of Crete offers a plethora of stunning landscapes, from rugged canyons and alluring beaches to majestic mountains and serene valleys. It also displays some intriguing remnants from the past at the various historical sites that add to the mystical element of Crete. Artifacts from the Minoan civilization that once flourished on this island can be found at Phaestos and the Palace of Malia, while the Heraklion Archaeological Museum showcases relics spanning more than 5000 years of history. The Balos Beach is one of the best spots to relax and enjoy the sapphire blue skies embellished with puffy clouds and to soak in the untarnished natural splendor of the island.

A journey to these gorgeous Mediterranean Islands makes for an enthralling and rejuvenating vacation. The cool sea breeze and the brilliant sunshine will leave you refreshed while the awe-inspiring buildings and picturesque scenery of these destinations will make you want to never leave.