Go Packing: TOP 8 Best Beach Regions Of Italy

What are you dreaming about? Of course, you think of clean beach and the hotel near at hand – a big dream for all tourists. How to find the beach like this in the overcrowded Italy in summer? It is better to learn the beach territory for every Italian region and find out what is what. Be careful to choose the right place and do not hesitate – summer starts right now!

Beaches of Tuscany

The region of Italy Tuscany is mostly connected with the historical triangle Pisa-Florence-Siena. These powerful regions were the center of the Middle Age life in Italy. These republics are not on the map, but the high rocks, sea and charming Mediterranean climate are outside the hours. The summer is Tuscany is great opportunity for tourists to kill THREE birds with one stone – spend much time to history, see Maremma and relax on the beach. It sounds attractive!

Cinque Terre, Monterosso

Beaches of Liguria

Liguria is one of the most popular regions in Italy, the motherland of Columbus and music festivals. Tourists like the beauty of local sea sides, beaches, soft sunny climate and the beauty of clean Ligurian Sea. The beaches of Liguria looks like the cozy nests: reliable rocks, covered with vineyards and flowers on the back and amazing sea view in front of your face! San Remo is rather popular place as just as Alassio. There were places for rich tourists. Times are changed. The beaches of Liguria welcome visitors from all over the world. The cultural and natural heritage of Ligurian region makes this territory unique and worth visiting.

Beaches of Lazio

The center of Lazio region is Rome. You cannot find beaches in the city, but you may hire a car in Rome and go out of the city to find the best beach. The beaches of Lazio region can be divided into three categories – sea beaches (sea cost of the Tyrrhenian Sea and islands around), lake beaches and river beaches. The best visiting beach cities in Lazio region are: Anzio, Ardea, Cerveteri, Fondi and many others. The list is long and you may choose.

Beaches of Sardinia

The island Sardinia is one of the brightest regions of Italy. Italian government started economic renewing in 1962. It can be the official birth date of the touristic Italian miracle – beaches of Sardinia that is still attractive for the tourists from all over the world. So, go driving along the beaches to choose. It is going to be difficult work as all of them are marvelous.

2003 - Sardinia

Beaches of Sicily

Sicily is far and exotic part of the country, but attractive and dissonant. Actually, the South of Italy is especially attractive for tourists. Sicily is an island, surrounded by antique aureole and glorious history. If the stones of Sicily could speak they would tell the truth about the history of Italy to the modern tourist. Of course, the stones cannot speak, but you can hear the chain of as much impressive sounds as the sound of waves, sand, birds singing and deep Sicily nights.

joy of life

Beaches of Emilia Romagna

The resorts of this Italian region are very popular for European tourists. They are attracted with the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, San Marino, Bologna, Modena. The touristic industry in this region is well-developed. The Adriatic Sea is calm and friendly. The beaches are broad and clean to welcome thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The rest is not expensive in this region. What is more, this is very favorable place for shopping. The most popular park of attractions Mirabilandia is situated here. The most interesting beach zones are concentrated in Rimini, Cattolica, Misano Adriatoico and others. The tourists from different countries feel comfortable here. The beach infrastructure is modern and comfortable. To choose the best beach you should watch details in the region of every beach.

Beaches of Calabria

The summer Calabria expresses the mood of the South Italy. Nevertheless, it can be the real challenge for unprepared tourists. If you like summer, heat and sea, you can come and relax here. It is windy in Calabria – the broad stripe between the Tyrrhenian Sea and Ionian Sea. 750 kilometers of the beach is enough for your good rest. It can be difficult for tourists to choose that particular place for their vacation: variety of the landscapes, the long line of the downstream beaches and cozy bays. Calabria is cozy territory with lots of undiscovered places.

Calabria was founded by Greeks in the 8th century. It was called the Fertile Ground. These territories were the tasty pieces for North and South conquerors. The Romans, Normans and Turks made Calabria one of the most prosperous and industrial region of Italy. What about the sea? The sea of Calabria gives much health and beauty to everyone. There are many people who want to visit these friendly places, especially if the prices are low. As a matter of fact, the prices are more than friendly. You cannot find a lot of lux beaches but the beaches for budget tourists. What a good alternative to the rest of Italian regions!


Beaches of Campania

The popular Italian region is situated in the North. Nevertheless, it looks and feels like South. Everything is warm and green: pleasant and calm wind, exotic plants, deep blue sea, fiesta and musical atmosphere. The main thing that still attracts all tourists is sea and local cuisine. Every little detail in this region is worth your money. The best beaches of Campania are divided between the islands and continent. The best beaches you may visit with the picturesque bays and wild nature are Ischia, Capri, Procida.

The sea cost consists of the cities of Salerno province. Some of them still take the leading position in the list of the best beach resorts of Italy. So, looking for the best beach to have rest in Italy, think of exotic of the Italian South or comfort of the Italian North. You will never loose, one way or another.