Famous Tourist Attractions In Abu Dhabi

If you derive pleasure in traveling and going on sightseeing adventures around the world then you will certainly make plans to set a date to visit a tourist attraction of choice. However, beyond selecting a place to visit, there are things you want to make sure of: this evolves around knowing what you want and eventually going for a place that would best meet your desire. Coupled with this, it is also important to take note of the basic facilities/amenities that are available in your choice of tourist destination. Talking about a place that perfectly fits one’s description for a good tourist destination then, you can always settle for Abu Dhabi. The city with many state-of-the-art structures or facilities, paints a picture of a ‘tourism paradise’; with these in place, the flow of tourists trooping into the city is never-ending year in, year out.

Some tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi

Amidst the numerous tourist attraction spots in Abu Dhabi, we have chosen to focus on just five (5):

Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The zoo, which is filled with different classes of animals ranging from pets to wild animals. It is a place for the whole family to visit. With the vast array of animals in excess of 1,400, you get to have a pleasurable feel of wildlife. In addition, quite notable- among the lot (of animals), are the Siberian bear (weighing over 300kg) and the white tigers. There are other side attractions like games and playgrounds available for the kids.

Liwa Oasis

Fort, Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi, UAE

In Liwa oasis, nature meets with pleasure to give you a memorable experience. Camels, which usually stroll along the road, are in abundance around the area. Although there are many dunes in Liwa but the Moreeb dune stands out. Moreover, should you be visiting Liwa in the month of July, you could love to partake in the Liwa Date Festival and Exhibition of Bedouin artifacts.

Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi

This waterpark, which has been set to world’s standard, boasts of the presence of many rides and slides. You derive some joy from doing some waterboarding stunts here. It is worth noting that this very park has been serving as the venue for the World Flowboarding Championship since 2013.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Falcon Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Are you a lover of Falcons OR do you wish to know more about falcons? Then this veterinary hospital that offers enlightenment program has got to be on your list of places to visit while in Abu Dhabi. With the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, your pets are not left out of the fun as they also offer pet grooming and dog training.

Corniche Beach

#850D6836- Corniche abu dhabi

Corniche beach is guarded which keeps your swimming within certain range- that should in limit your swimming fun- has the ‘Blue Flag status’. The status tells of its safety. This is a place that could well present the entire family a pleasant time-out.

From all this, you will agree that Abu Dhabi is about one of the best places to visit in one’s lifetime. The services are affordable and accessible and with good car rental at Abu Dhabi, there’s no impediment to how well you can explore the picturesque landscape of the Emirate.