The Role Of The Tech In The Future Of Sales It’s Bigger Than You Think

Being the founder of a technology company whenever I look back and try to assess the huge spectrum of Technologies we have traversed through in all these years, literally speaking it makes my head swing. Just within a span of less than two decades the whole business seen went through radical changes that could not be possible in the span of the previous century. No longer, the businesses depend on sales people anymore. Most smart businesses find their sales personnel in the latest technology and qualified professionals who handle them. We are literally experiencing the biggest revolution in the world of business thanks to new technology. It is needless to say now that it will continue and only grow and spread in all directions eventually to make the traditional businesses obsolete forever.

The Role Of The Tech In The Future Of Sales It’s Bigger Than You Think

  • Data Is In Control: More you know about your customers more you enjoy control and influence over them. It has never been otherwise. Even in traditional businesses decades ago doing frequent customer survey and trying to know their perception about the product and services was considered as an invaluable marketing tactic. In our time the same tactic has been put to rigorous use by businesses thanks to their exposure to new technologies that can deliver them relevant information about customers and their buying behavior as well as demographic insights. Traditional business analytics with the help of latest data centric technologies and real-time data driven insights fed by device sensors brought a new approach to delivering up to the expectation of business customers. With the business data under your command, you can now address the customer concerns and preferences as per their location, wishes, moods and constraints like buying capacity. Thus the new era of personalized sales and marketing started with the help of data-driven business analytics.
  • Customers Are In Power: Your customers are the biggest and best salespeople for your business. No, it is not a wishful commercial ad-line or a so-called business wisdom we are frequented with. Rather it is the reality now for majority of businesses who enjoy the exposure to technology to the highest extent. With a satisfied population of customers your brand can just get going and reach millions over night every day with your customers taking the lead to spread the news about your business offerings. Such viral growth of business has given rise to unique business concepts and overnight phenomenal success stories. A new mobile game developed by an unknown developer can just go viral and give birth to a new billionaire business in just a few days. Thanks to technology it is the customers who can take the lead in making more people know about the brand and its services and products.
  • Technology Is Advancing At Rapid Speed: From the likes of mobility solutions to the advanced emerging technologies like IOT and cloud to the latest product engineering solutions, Technology is changing the way we produce products consume make it available for the user and sell it to the prospective buyers. Moreover the salespeople in any organization today depend more on smart solutions to connect to their prospective customers than the old laborious convincing mechanism. Thanks to technology sales process is more about how well you can make customers informed and knowledgeable about the solutions that available in the market and with you. It is needless to say that it is also making the business process more customers centric and transparent.

Author info: Kunjan Dalal is the pioneering business thinker and IT management expert with decade long experience across various business niches. Presently heading the Aurosys Solutions as the CEO he is a leading business strategist focused to create industry benchmarks and standards of excellence. He is a revered perfectionist in his field of expertise with several feats and industry accolades to his name.

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