Social Media Buzzing About An Interesting Physical Activity

Social Media Buzzing About An Interesting Physical Activity

Modern people are using the Internet, especially social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to get informed about the latest news and trends. This is quite natural because of people, companies, and organizations use the Internet to post links which usually lead to some website where you can get additional information about the thing that you are interested in. We don’t have to talk much about this because more than 1.5 billion people are using social media networks on a regular basis and you are probably one of them. But, do you know what social media are buzzing about in the recent period? Muay Thai! If you are following accounts dedicated to health, wellness, and fitness, then you have probably notice that the term Muay Thai is mentioned frequently.

Let’s be clear, Muay Thai (or Thai boxing) is not a brand new concept. In fact, Thai people have used this discipline for hundreds of years. However, its growing popularity with tourists that travel to Thailand on their vacations and with celebrities and models has made this sport and martial art quite popular these days.

Social Media Buzzing About An Interesting Physical Activity

Just a decade ago, Muay Thai training was practiced only by people who want to compete in the sport. However, after more and more tourists and some celebrities have started practicing Muay Thai, there is a significantly increased number of students in almost every Muay Thai training camp in Thailand. This sport makes a great combination of strength and cardio training and provides some excellent results to the health of every student. Many people use this form of training as a jumpstart to their regular fitness regimen when they come back home.

So, Muay Thai is a well-known stand-up combat sport that originates from other martial arts practiced in this region. During a Muay Thai training class, all these fighting essential elements are combined and as a result of that students are getting an incredible strength and cardiovascular workout.

When people are involved in performing striking motions, they are actually activating eight different parts of the body – their legs, knees, elbows, and fists. That’s why Muay Thai is known as the art of the eight limbs. However, Muay Thai training is more than that because it also combines these motions with cardiovascular exercises like short periods of running and jumping rope. In addition, people also practice strength exercises. So, they work their entire body, eliminating calories and toning all their body parts.

If you decide to take these classes at muaythaiworlds , you will learn the basic elements of Muay Thai and you will also strengthen the core and improve the balance and you won’t have to perform some dull exercises like you are forced to do in your local gym. Thanks to the kicks you will tone your obliques and hips while with the punches you will tone the arms and deltoids.

So, on your next holiday, travel to Thailand and join a camp there. You can share your results on social media!

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