Scrum, A Revolutionary Approach To Boost Productivity And Time To Market

Scrum, A Revolutionary Approach To Boost Productivity And Time To Market

Scrum just like agile development seems to be a term belonging to the software development world. Yes it is since the term has been coined representing a different approach for the work process involved in software development. But lately the concept has been popular in business world as well. It now stands as a revolutionary approach to boost efficiency and time to market for many enterprises across the niches. As businesses are continuing to lean towards advanced emerging technologies they need to have a different approach to the work process to ensure productivity and efficiency at all levels. Scrum is just the right approach to fit the bill for modern enterprises. What this new concept stands for and how it helps businesses prosper we will see here in this post.

Scrum, A Revolutionary Approach To Boost Productivity And Time To Market

  • What is Scrum? 

Scrum is basically a low friction approach to perform a complex work in small instalments to complete the entire process in shorter time ensuring lower time to market. This approach allow people collaborate and schedule the tasks across divisions to ensure high productivity and optimum time to market.

While this concept was first launched and implemented by software development companies to ensure faster development it has since then continued to become popular and now is being widely implemented across the business niches. You can actually take advantage of the incremental work process conceptualised through Scrum for better gains in industry verticals like marketing, finance, manufacturing and many others. This will ensure faster response time and marketability off business offerings. In this respect it is considered to be a management method rather than a methodology for software development.

  • Key Elements Of Scrum: Do you still think that this concept belongs to only software development? Let us hear what the experts say. According to the scrum practitioners there are three roles that can be assigned to this management method. They are respectively as the Scrum Master, product owner, and development team. Each of these roles can be implemented outside the realm of software development. Let us see how it is possible.
    • The role of Scrum Master is similar to the coach of a team. It is there to help the team members and prevent the road blocks in the work process.
    • The role of the product owner is to identify the most important task for the team to work on and managing the backlog of the product.
    • Finally the role of development team is to build the product. Remember here the term developer doesn’t refer to the programmer but any developer in any business process.

Now consider to implement all these roles in your business process and he will instantly see that all of them can be easily scaled to other business niches rather than just the software development project.

At a time when businesses are increasingly feeling the heat off competition from overwhelming level of sophistication and digital manoeuvers, they cannot help but look forward to future ready project development methods like Scrum. Most businesses these days find it extremely important to ensure more collaboration among the team members. Scram is revolutionary approach to ensure smooth collaboration and result oriented business process.