Role Of The FBI In Dealing With Mortgage Fraud

The FBI is very much committed in dealing with frauds that are related to the mortgages and also pursue the offenders who endanger the stability of the entire banking system. FBI with the help of the best and the most professional group of investigators try to bring out those fraudsters who their fraudulent activities lead to very large aggregate loses.

Mortgage fraud is characterized by the misrepresentation and misstatement by a lender in regards to a mortgage loan and this lie of the lender affects the decision of the bank in providing him or her with a loan. In short, a lie on the part of the lender which influences the bank’s decision to sanction a particular loan is called a Mortgage fraud. FBI has been quite efficient in dealing with such mortgage loans. So in case you are an employee of any bank where this type of a fraud has occurred, you can get in touch with the FBI or even contact a private investigator who had previously worked with the FBI.

Hiring the services of a reputed private investigator like Adam Quirk FBI will help you in getting your case investigated in the most professional and the best way possible. Since he has worked with the FBI earlier, he does have a good knowledge about the investigating procedure of FBI which will help him solve the case for your organization. Moreover, this reputed private investigator also has the required academic qualification which also has a major role to play in his success.

Mortgage Frauds mainly falls under two distinct areas and given below is a list of those areas:

  • Fraud for housing: This type of fraud mainly happens because the fraudster wants to acquire or maintain the ownership of a particular building. In this case the person might misrepresent facts in order to get a loan sanctioned by a bank in order to own a house
  • Fraud for profit: This type of fraud mainly occurs when the fraudster does not want to own a house but wants to use the money which he gets from the bank for any other purpose.

FBI, in collaboration with the other federal agencies wants to maximize its impact on the mortgage fraud and wants to reduce it completely. The FBI has financial task forces who operate throughout the country and these task forces act as force multipliers in order to address the large scale financial frauds.

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