Portugal Delicacies: Popular Dishes to Eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Food is a subject of special pride for Portuguese families. Nothing, but food make families or colleagues gather together for breakfast or dinner to be the popular reason to come back Portugal again and again. The tight connection between food and family is reflected in different delicacies. Local delicacies make the visiting card from Portugal to foreigners. The country was approved as the best place for gourmands by CNN.

Portuguese Delicacies

First of all, pay attention to codfish. This is popular Portuguese delicacy that is attractive for more than thousands of dishes. Speaking about fish, there is an opinion that local fish and seafood are the best in the world. Everybody knows that Portugal is a country to eat grilled cods. Cozido Portuguesa is typical local delicacy made of sausages of all kinds and types. How about the sweet pastel de nata? Do you know the secret of it? Roussette soup, queijo da serra (typical Portuguese cheese), Tras-Os-Montes sausages and of course, local bread are Must Have things for every feast or family dinner.

If someone says that he had tasty dinner in Portugal, it means that the food was as tasty as drinks. For example, Portuguese Port wine is highly appreciated in England. This is not the only one traditional drink in Portugal. The country became popular of its DOC certified wines.

If Portugal is the house of local cuisine, Lisbon is the center of it. The restaurants of Lisbon meet all requirements to be attractive for all and everyone. Lisbon boasts with not only traditional typical restaurants, but elegant restaurants of the international cuisine. You can have dinner in the Lisbon tavern or sushi-restaurant. The choice of cuisines is wide. So, Lisbon is special place to try something new and interesting for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

'Cesca Slow Roasted Cod with Fresh Pepper Cream

Historical Breakfast in the Western European Capital

The variety of seafood, sheep cheese, great many of desserts and, of course, port wine and local wines – it is not easy to stay indifferent. You should hire a car in Lisbon and start your gastronomy city tour from the traditional breakfast. What is breakfast for you? Probably, it is coffee and croissants. Traditional breakfast for Lisbon citizens is coffee and pasteis. Pasteis is the world popular dish made of puff paste and egg pastry cream. There is a legend that you can try original pasteis in the only one place in the world – Belem City not far from Lisbon. There is a cafe in Belem that can make the true Portuguese pasteis for you.

Of course, you may taste different kinds of pasteis. Actually, there is no need to go somewhere far from Lisbon and hold the long line to try local pastry. Go to the city cafe Manteigaria. You can eat pasteis here that is as good as original. This cafe is located in the city center. The price for 1 unit is 1€. Never forget to order aromatic coffee and watch the process of cooking. There is an open cuisine and friendly personnel.


City Lunch

Planning your lunch, pay attention to that fact, that you have to take it before 3 p.m. The most of the local restaurants are closed for siesta 3 p.m. till 7 p.m. There is one more detail – restaurant service. Portugal is a big noisy and friendly family. It is always overcrowded in the restaurants and cafes. So, it is better to book a table beforehand. So, if you are ready, drive your car to find the restaurant. Never miss Salsa Rosa Bistro. You are offered to try traditional Portuguese dishes here. Of course, you should try fish – salmon or sword fish for 17€.

You will be surprised of big portions. The fish traditionally served with garnish in form of rice or salad, potato. Actually, it is not a potato, but home-made potato chips. One portion is enough to feel fat. If you want to refresh but not seat drunk, you can try home-made sangria. Want something more colorful? Welcome to the Restaurante Cerqueira. This restaurant is popular for locals. The fish assortment here is wider than somewhere else. The restaurant owners cook and serve here. The prices are cheap. The average price is 12€. There is a big choice of local wines. They are green wines.

The green wine is special drink made of green grapes. Vinho Verde is Portuguese wine that came from the province of Minho – winery region in the North of Portugal. The drink can be white, red or pink color. The green wines are characterized with bubbles and high acidity that makes the wine fresh and tasty. They are also characterized with low alcohol level (10%).

Spring Green

Worthy Dinner

It is recommended to go for dinner to the special place in Lisbon – Cervejaria Ramiro. This is the best and the oldest fish restaurant in the Portuguese capital. Never afraid of standing in the long line at the restaurant entrance. You cannot book the table beforehand, it is impossible. Nevertheless, the service is fast and tasty. Waiting for your order, you can visit bar and drink something. You will be impressed of mussels, shrinks, lobsters and crabs. If you want to try lobster, you can watch the process of cooking. The food is always fresh here.

There is one more thing; the prices in menu are per kilogram. So, it can be difficult to understand how big the price will be. It can be about 100€ per person. The dinner in Ramiro can be the good end of your travelling day.

Wine Spaghetti and Shrimps

Finally, take an advice: it is better to plan your trip to Portugal for the middle of June. You have a chance to visit the most colorful and meaningful holiday – Independence Day. It is usually celebrated for 4 days. This is time when people go out the streets to decorate their houses and eat grilled sardines with peppers. Smell it! This is the smell of tasty food and salty air. This smell is attractive for all gourmands, indeed.