Finding A Brand Voice That Does Not Only Speak But Listens

Finding A Brand Voice That Does Not Only Speak But Listens

Branding is the process of creating a name, a design or a unique perspective to differentiate your product from the others. A brand refers to the perception of your customers to your product.

One example of a brand that created noise in 2016 is that of Trump-pence. It is so suggestive as it features a “T” for Trump penetrating a “P” for Pence. In an article written byBruce Handy, this logo suggests that someone is getting screwed, and that may be America. What does this logo from Trump-pence tell us?

You see, when you got a unique brand voice, it will stir the emotions of the audience and will practically become the talk of the town. But you have to make sure that your brand voice will lift your image high, and not pull you down. So how do you create your own unique brand voice?

Know Your Target Audience

First, you have to know who your target audience is. It is important that you know who you want to communicate your product with. You cannot just choose a brand voice without identifying who you want to sell your products to. Understanding the lifestyle and personality of your target audience will help you create your unique brand voice.

Identify Your Brand’s Value

What do you want your target audience to know and feel about you and your product? What does your company say about you? Do you want them to feel that you are rebellious? Conservative? Bold?

Just remember that you must be able to communicate who you are in a personal sense. We are creating a unique brand voice that would speak of the mission and vision of your company. We do not want to deceive them with a product that is not truly yours.

Know the Public’s Opinion

Third, gather representatives of your target audience and ask them what they think of your brand. What kind of emotion did it bring to them? What distinguished characteristic were they able to identify? What words did they use when describing your brand?

It is important to take note that your unique brand voice must not only speak but also listen to its target audience. You must be able to match the goal of your product with that of the preference of your target audience. Do not be afraid to improve and adapt to the needs of your target audience.

Create a Unique Design

Lastly, once you are able to find that unique personality of your brand, find a muse, a design or a theme that will allow you to express your brand voice. Just remember that you should be consistent with your branding. Do not jump from one personality to another unless you personally have a change of strategy with your brand. For instance,Coca-cola company has always spoken to us through its brand voice designed to bring happiness. For several years in the industry, Coke has always been consistent in promoting good vibes.

Another example is Instagram. In 2016, Instagram upgraded its icon into something new and fresh. It became one of the best branding in 2016. From its polaroid icon, Instagram found a clever way to express the evolution of film-based cameras to phones. Now, that’s a unique brand voice.

If you’re having trouble with finding your brand’s unique voice, you can ask help from a branding agency San Francisco.

Final Thoughts

Authentic and consistent– that is how your brand voice should sound. The personality of your brand must be something you must believe in and something that will describe who you are. If you have a brand voice that listens, it will attract exactly the audience you want.