5 Best Brands To Buy A Split AC

Best Brands to buy a split AC

With the growing heat during summers, air conditioners market has developed and evolved into a bigger and popular market for itself. Companies are not ignorant to this effect, they are also running in the race to build the best air conditioners offering advanced features and multiple air purification filters in order to add more consumers. Air conditioners have turned into a modern day necessity which serves to save you from the unnerving summer heat. Not only are these companies promising you efficient cooling but also offers you air purification.

AC Price in India can be determined on the basis of the features that the product is offering you. Gone are the days, when one only considered cooling as a factor before buying an AC. Today everything from its technical performances to its sleek looks is considered while making the deal.

Let’s go through the list of popular AC brands in India as follows:


The company started off their electronic venture in 1950’s, and today is considered one of the most trusted brands in India. The company offers a wide range high quality product with innovative advanced features. The company affiliates its products through a MEQ ‘Mitsubishi Electronic Quality’ to assure best quality product manufacturing in order to ensure customer satisfaction and by creating company’s credibility. Mitsubishi AC Price in India is relatively set at an average rate, according to the price range of its competing companies.

The company manufactures both window and split air conditioners. Its products meet your needs throughout the fluctuating heat, offering intelligent technology and auto climate technology with silent cooling. The company holds a good image in the market and has received positive feedback.


 Like its motto, ‘Life’s Good’ the company works hard to keep its customers satisfied. LG’s AC contribute to a plasmaster cyclotron filter, with virus allergy filter to ensure its customers health, triple filter which helps in air purification and antibacterial filter to ensure a hygienic surrounding around you. Although the product is often criticized in its style criteria, it does offer advanced innovative feature in the same AC Price in India as of its contemporary companies. LG offers a wide variety of AC’s from window, floor standing, and split to ductable AC.


It is a well known Japanese AC manufacturing company, which is based in Osaka. They are known as the inventor of refrigerant variable volume system and transformed the split system of AC market.Daikin, AC Price in India can be considered a bit nominal compared to its contemporaries. Today their AC’s are categorized in the super premium range. Their products come with stunning features and promises to satisfy its consumer with its advanced performance.

O General

It is a popular air conditioner manufacturing company that offers multiple types of ACs, like split, window, inverter split, hot and cold split, ductable, compact cassette and cassette. O General AC Price in India, are relatively high, but it also offers multiple features with a promise of durability. Some of the features that the company offers are deodorizing filter, anti bacterial filter, auto climate change, silent cooling and moisture removal etc.


One of the leading electronic brands in India their products are known for their stylish looks and luxury driven comfort. The company has built a name for itself by manufacturing leading products that assure customer satisfaction. Hitachi AC Price in India, are often criticized for being high, however people still continue to buy its products due to its brand value and name of the company. The company is considered as one of top choices while buying an air conditioner. Hitachi offers a wide range variety of energy efficient AC’s, which include special anti bacteriakoukin filter that guarantees you fresh air. The company’s window AC’s are popular for using a twin motor revolutionary technology that can cool the room in mere seconds.

Conclusion:Although, all of these brands promise to facilitate its consumers with the best quality and most advance new features, LG takes the crown here, for being the most popular brand in the country.

One can make a choice between these brands depending on the set AC Price in India, for their products. Here O General, offers you with the least expensive AC but holds the average market value. Hitachi, which is known to manufacture expensive but efficient products, comes under the category of relatively more expensive air conditioners.