4 Restaurants In Faro To Feel Yourself A Local

Faro is a small cozy city in the Algarve region. There you will meet friendly people and many restaurants with the national cuisine. Enjoy the moment under a bright Algarve sun- just have a jug of white sangria and feel the soft air from the see, which is gently touching your face. The sun-drenched, comfortable Faro patios are nestled within small squares and narrow alleys. It would be easy to feel yourself one of locals, when you rent a car at Faro Airport, crisscross the city and find the place, which would become your favourite. Our list of four local restaurants may help you in the matter.

Tertulia Algarvia

4 Restaurants In Faro To Feel Yourself A Local

Location: Praca Dom Afonso III 13 15, Faro 8000-167

Working hours: Sunday: 10.00-23.00; Monday-Thursday: 10.00-24.00; Friday-Saturday: 10.00-1.00

Once, in 2006, a group of friends decided to create a restaurant, where the history, gastronomy and traditions of this region would be kept. The opening of Tertúlia Algarvia fulfilled their dream in August 2013. Located at the historical center of Faro (in Vila-Adentro), the restaurant not only serves traditional and Mediterranean meals, but also provides cookery lessons and demonstrations, craft workshops and exhibitions, as there is a lot of space for these events.

The building, where Tertúlia Algarvia is situated, was presumably built in the second half of the 18th, or in the 17th century. The rearrangement and rehabilitation works, which were held in years 2010-2013, are now representing us the new look of the building. The St. Catherine’s tile, the cork, or the specific furniture, which may remind you of the grocery stores from the past, are making this building quite easily recognizable among the blackened walls and cobblestones of the ancient city. While touring Faro, you may taste warm crusty bread with aromatic Portuguese olive oil, fresh vine-colored vegetable soup and the variety of green salads, completed with onions, tomatoes and cheese, right from the north of Alentejo region. This is one of the best places in Faro for having a traditional cataplana meal. The food may seem simple, but the ingredients are the freshest, the atmosphere is warm and friendly, the staff is helpful and the setting is beautiful.

The mix of traditional and modern decorative elements, made up by local designers and craftspeople, are completing the interior of the building. The patio of this great restaurant is always filled with locals. Tertúlia Algarvia is a highly recommended place in Faro.

Restaurante Centenario

Location: Largo Terreiro do Bispo 4, Faro 8000-156

Working hours: 12.00-15.30; 18.00-23.00

The Centenario restaurant is a part of the maritime city’s history.

For more, than 50 years, the Dias family runs this popular restaurant. The professionalism and dedication of Suzete and Amilcar Dias put Restaurante Centenario into the list of the ‘must visit places’ in Faro, especially if you are having a gastronomic tour all through the Algarve. You will not just taste the traditional cuisine of this region, but also become a big fan of its flavors and aromas. Listen to fado, while enjoying fresh fish from the seacoast, and other delicacies in this restaurant in Faro. A comfortable terrace with 80 seats complements the traditional room with the aquarium and 90 seats, always ready to host a reception.

The quality service, offered here, attracts the lovers of the rich and delicious cuisine of the Algarve.

Aqui Del Rei

4 Restaurants In Faro To Feel Yourself A Local

Location: Rua do Repouso 6, Faro 8000-302

If you catch a glimpse of the street, where the casual restaurant Aqui del Rei is situated, you would definitely like to come closer. Based abut with the medieval gate, inside the original Moorish entrance, with live fado music and authentic Portuguese and Angolan dishes, this place is great to relax and admire the beauty of the city. If you want to sit outside, make sure you book a table in advance, as there are only four of them on the street. The place is cozy and highly recommended, the portions are big and their stewed fish is fantastic. In the winter, you may warm yourself by an open fire in this small restaurant.

Placed in a nice part of Faro, this tiny restaurant is an exceedingly romantic spot inside the arched walls of the old town.  The owner himself operates the tables. In spite of the fact that he barely speaks English, he is helpful and friendly. As it is a small family business, the cooking takes some time, but the Mediterranean cuisine, which is offered, is really good.

Vila Adentro

4 Restaurants In Faro To Feel Yourself A Local

Location: Praca Dom Afonso III 17, Faro 8000-167

Working hours: 9.00-00.00

Vila Adentro restaurant is standing near Tertulia Algavria in the enclosed by walls, old core of Faro. Having your dinner at the street-side table, you will be admiring the monastery of Nossa S. ra da Assuncao and the cathedral, which is located on the site of a mosque. The age of the cathedral is more, than 700 years. It is an old and picturesque building, even though it was heavily damaged during the earthquake in 1750th. Here, there are also some more cafes and a souvenir shop with postcards and books.

The outside dining area of Vila Adentro restaurant is having several white tables and chairs, which complement the charm of the white historic building. From the inside, it is decorated with wooden furniture and lovely white-blue tiled panels, with depicted pastoral and country scenes. The staff is multilingual and helpful. The dishes are mainly based on local traditions and fresh ingredients.