Every parent wants their child to get enrolled in the best university, providing the best educational facilities, so that their children’s future gets secured. Good educational facilities not only boost the student’s learning process but also affects the student’s career, classroom engagement, behavior and relationship with the teacher. It boosts the career and future of the students, in the long run.

In Abu Dhabi selective universities provide top and up-to-date educational facilities to their students. Here are top 4 best educational facilities in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Emirates Future International Academy

Future International Private School

EFIA is a private institute under the Central Board of Secondary Education of India. The school always comes under the top 5 CBSE schools after the yearly board exam results are announced. Apart from focusing on the classroom education of the students, the school provides various extracurricular and co-curricular activities according to the various interests of the students. The school currently has 165 staff members, and all the teachers are highly professional and talented. The school has various clubs such Eco-Club, Health and Safety Club, Heritage Club, Community Service Club, Literary Club and many more fun clubs, so as to add some fun to the monotonous studying process. The educational facilities provided by the institute truly stands up to their motto ” Education Leads To Perfection”.

  1. Merryland International School


Merryland International School follows the British curriculum. The institute is highly praised by their academic achievements by the Abu Dhabi Education Council and Abu Dhabi Education Zone. The school not only focuses on the academics of the students but also makes them discipled so that they can contribute towards world peace. The teachers use effective learning and teaching techniques to increase the academic performances of the students. The school even has its own cricket and soccer team.

  1. Ajyal International School-Al Falah

Ajyal Salima classroom session

Ajyal International School-Al Falah follows the Significant Learning Model or SLM method to give the best learning experiences to their students. All the teachers are highly qualified and strictly follow the SLM mode of teaching in order to enhance the academics of the students. The school even has an art wireless technology facility, sports hall, swimming pool, and a theater to indulge the students into various extra-curricular activities.

  1. Al Dhafra Private School

Visa and Al Dhafra School to help children become financial super heroes

The private school comes under the Cambridge International Examinations Center. The education system of the school is a combination of academics, tradition and culture. The school not only focuses on the academics of the students but also makes the students able thinkers and creative personalities. They work towards building the character of their students so as to make them strong to face all the challenges of the world. The educational facilities provided to the students are very innovative and of excellent quality so as to make the students flourish in their academic careers.

Parents should keep in mind the educational facilities provided by the schools, before choosing the best school for their kids. Most of the above schools are provided services by Abu Dhabi car rental so that the students have easy transportation facilities.