4 Basic Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Consultant For Your Business

It’s simple: if your website is unable to capture a first page spot on search engine giants such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., then it’s most likely your non-existence is certain to your target audience.A better search engine visibility is critical to driving a healthy traffic on your website, which calls for an effective brand recognition and eventual revenues for the business.

But the prospect is not that simple to avail. Even experienced companies today find themselves in the need to hire a top SEO company in UAE or other corporate hubs in the world to stay ahead of the online brand presence competition. So what are the basic questions that are needed to be asked from the SEO professional or company you are looking to hire for your business?

4 Basic Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Consultant For Your Business

  1. Can I see the list of your current or previous clients?

According to experts, an SEO professional should never be hesitant in displaying the list of existing and past clients along with his/her contact information.The names on the list will indicate the expertise of the professional in the field and how well-versed he/she has been in catering exclusive SEO campaigns.

Agreeably it is not possible to ask for specific analytics of a client’s project, but at least there should be some discussion whether the professional was able to bring a positive resultin rankings, particularly in conversions and acquiring an audience.

  1. What will you do to improve my search engine rankings?

Simply speaking, pass on SEO professionals who are not willing to discuss their tactics and workarounds to improve your ranking. The professionals should willingly discuss the strategies they will employ to propel your rankings in the search engine. Also he/she should be able to give you a realistic timeframe within which your website goals could be achieved.

Ask the candidate if he would conduct an initial technical overview of your website to catch any issues that could potentially affect your search engine rankingsuch as broken links, error pages, etc. Given the rising trend of a search engine friendly website, the professional should be equipped with “on-page” optimization skills. The point is to provide you a better website URL, internal linking structure, as well as creating web page titles, headlines and tags.

When it comes to “off-page” SEO, the professional should also be able to increase the awareness and popularity of your content on different websites through blogs, social media platforms and press releases.

  1. Do you comply with the search engine’s webmaster guidelines?

There is no compromise in selecting an SEO expert who somehow bypasses the Google’s publicly posted webmaster best practices even in the tiniest sense. Remember, it’s all about perfect compliance! Ask the candidate if he/she is aware of the 12 unethical and common SEO tricks including auto generation of spam content, and adding misleading and unauthentic hidden text and links. In case an SEO professional does not abide by the strict laid guidelines, there is a high probability your website could be demoted to low search engine rankings. To make the matters worse, Google can also ban the website from the search engine altogether.

  1. Do you guarantee my website will acquire the top-most ranking in the search engine?

Ideally, the answer “absolutely yes” to this question should arise suspicion in an instant. A realistic answer never guarantees your website a number one ranking on any search engine. In short, guaranteeing a number one rank is literally impossible for any SEO expert in the business. However, some inexperienced and unethical SEO people may dare to commit the top rank for your website.

For instance, if a professional claims to have a special relationship with Google or any other search engine and have hidden insights in SEO aspects, take it as a fraudulent personnel and discard the name without giving a second thought.