3 Pieces Of Portable Tech That Could Save Your Life

3 Pieces Of Portable Tech That Could Save Your Life

Technology is something we take for granted until we have to go without it. Battery-powered, portable devices can save your life when you are far from home or when disaster strikes. Whether you are planning an expedition into the wilderness or preparing for a potential emergency, these three pieces of portable tech can help you survive the most challenging conditions.

Water Purifier

3 Pieces Of Portable Tech That Could Save Your Life

The average person can only live for three days without water. A source of safe, clean drinking water is vital for camping trips, emergencies, and other survival situations. Avoid the challenge of long-term drinking water storage by purifying natural water sources into drinking water.

There are two basic types of water purifiers. The most common type removes contaminants like dirt, parasites, and bacteria from fresh water to make it drinkable. Fresh water filters are versatile and can transform water from muddy ponds and rivers into clean, potable water. Another type called a desalinizing filter removes the salt from seawater and is useful if you live near an ocean or plan to travel by boat.

Portable Ultrasound Machine

Dealing with illness, injuries and other medical conditions is even more frightening when the nearest hospital is miles away. A portable ultrasound machine like those made by Keebomed can be used to diagnose and monitor patients in the field. Unlike the large ultrasound consoles found in clinics and hospitals, portable ultrasound machines are small and light enough to take anywhere and can run on battery power.

Ultrasound imaging can be used to check for internal injuries, detect abnormalities like tumors or cysts, and monitor the health and progress of a pregnancy. Access to ultrasound technology in the field lets you know if a sick or injured person needs medical treatment. Portable ultrasounds can be used in emergency situations for triage to keep hospitals from filling up with patients in less serious condition.

Solar Charger

Most portable tech is useless without battery power, which makes a reliable charging method indispensable. A solar-powered charger converts the sun’s energy into battery power to fuel your phones, tablets and other devices. Solar chargers come in a variety of sizes, from a pocket-sized charger than can power up your phone to large panels capable of running an entire house. Some portable devices have built-in solar power to eliminate charging time.

When you are preparing your survival kit, consider adding one or more of these portable tech devices once you have the basics, such as water, food, and medications, covered. It might save your life.