Why Should You Plan Almaty City Tour

Almaty city tour

Being the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, this city Almaty is one of the metropolis cities of the country that is situated in the foothills of the mountains named as Trans-Ili Alatau. Since it is a cultural and financial center of Central Asia, therefore, it is popular among the tourists. Surrounded by the scenic beauty, one can get to see snow-capped mountains on a clear day. According to Mercer Human Research, Almaty falls in the top 50 expensive cities across the world. People of Almaty are so friendly and kind and you will just feel surprised and happy to visit there. There are numerous reasons for visiting such beautiful city of Kazakhstan. Plan your Almaty city tour this vacation and make them worth spending there.

Reasons why one should plan Almaty City Tour:

1. Welcoming People of the City:

You would just feel amazing when you will visit Almaty because of the warm and friendly nature of people over there. You don’t need to ask anyone for help, they would get to know that you are a tourist and they ask if you need some help related to directions or something else. One may feel safe to visit there as people of Almaty even help you in making sure that you have picked up a right bus or not. What else you want. This is the amazing reason for visiting Almaty city.

2. The Arasan Baths:

This is one of the stunning bathhouse where you may spend long hours. Being the best bathhouse in Central Asia, it looks gorgeous because of its marvellous marble bathing area. This bathhouse offers different sections for women and men where they can take shower, enjoy steam bath and also can be able to sweat out in a huge variety of saunas. You may also avail the benefits of massage at this place.

3. Zenkov Cathedral:

Constructed in the year 1904, this colourful cathedral is situated at Panfilov Park. The frescoes built outside and inside of this cathedral church look stunning and attractive.

4. The Green Market:

Visiting Green Market can be one of your favourite things to do in Almaty as you may find fresh fruit, nuts, household items, and every kind of meat in this market. The fresh fruit here in the green market are just appetizing and even, the vendors in the market also treat you in a very friendly manner.

5. Panfilov Park:

This is one of the famous parks in Almaty that is named after the name of Panfilov Heroes who were a group of around 28 soldiers who were died while fighting against the Nazis during 1941. You may relax in this beautiful park and spend a good time with your special ones.

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