Why Is Career In SEO Industry A Good Option In India?

Digital marketing is a booming industry and is worth $68 billion worldwide now. The industry has created many job opportunities in India in the past couple of years and is all set to create more in the current year.

Since the day Search Engine Optimization industry started off in India, there was a sense of pessimism but over the past decade, the industry has proved this to be nothing more than neophobia. While other industries are facing stagnation or are growing at a pace of 5% to 10%, the growth in the digital media industry has been blooming at 40%. This is the reason why SEO companies are hiring in large numbers. You can see on their job portals, the number of open positions they have, e.g click for careers at blurbpoint-naukri.com.

Why Is Career In SEO Industry A Good Option In India?

Let’s take a look what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means.

Meaning of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of making a website more accessible & more understable to search engine by using techniques like content marketing and making on-page changes to the website that will make it more comprehensible and responsive(easy to load). An SEO company has the knowledge about the various algorithms that Google uses to rank a web page when a search query is made. They use this knowledge and skills to make sure their client’s website feature on the top in a SERP.

Reasons Why SEO Industry Is Growing

  1. Increased use of devices that use the internet
  2. Increased utility of Google
  3. Growing number of companies are using SEO activities to promote their business, this is causing a domino effect.
  4. Using SEO strategies has a long term effect which makes its ROI (Return On Investment) many times to that of direct advertisement.

Reasons Why It Will Continue To Grow In India

  1. Inexpensive skilled manpower
  2. The Industry is still in the early stages
  3. Easy availability of English speaking and computer proficient graduates
  4. SEO process is very easy to outsource
  5. Fetching international clients is easier

The starting salary in SEO industry is around Rs. 1.8 Lacs to 2.5 Lacs for freshers which is far better than in any other technical job.

Why Should You Choose SEO As Your Career? 

Growing Industry: While choosing a career you should always see if the industry has a good growth potential. This ensures that there will always be good opportunities for you if your look for a job change. In a growing industry, you have more chances of promotions too as the hiring will always be there and your experience will always be very valuable.

High Demand for SEO: The SEO services have been witnessing great demand because of more reliance on technologies and Google for getting any information. Also, it is an industry that has all the clients that are under the sun. Today, even small businessman or shop owners need to be have come digital footprint in order to prove themselves credible.

SEO Companies Make Good Money: Because of the factors that are given above in this article, SEO companies like Blurbpoint, iProspect and Boostability are making handsome money. And because they earn good, they are willing to provide the good salaries to the deserving candidate.

Lots Of Learning: If you work for an SEO company, you can expect to learn a lot from it. It gives you the opportunity to learn many new things that other industries can’t. There are many job profiles in an SEO company, each will give you new challenges.

Major SEO Job Categories

  • Web Development/Programming
  • Web Design
  • Writing/Blogging
  • Link Building
  • Analytics
  • Business Development
  • Social Media Management

Future Scope Of SEO: Digital marketing industry is growing every day and SEO is playing a pivotal role in it. The continuous modifications in Google algorithms make it difficult for a business owner to keep track on it and make the necessary changes to its website and its online marketing campaigns in accordance with them. Thus one can conclude that SEO industries will continue to have great future prospects too.

Conclusion: In a difficult job scenario, such as we have today, SEO industry has become a ray of hope. With Indian Government’s ambitious projects like ‘Digital India’, it is expected that the growth is here to stay.