Rome In Fashion: TOP 10 Fashion Boutiques and Brand Shops

Women Clothes

Italians like comfort. They prefer pants, pants suits, maxi skirts with sneakers and moccasins to gala dresses and heels. Italian women think that clothes mean nothing in comparison with accessories. They believe that all modern accessories, glasses, bags, umbrellas, shoes, must be haute couture. The best accessories that must have for every woman are brand bags. You can wear jeans, sneakers all together with elite bag! This is what you call Italian daily life! By the way, you can buy fake for 20-30 EUR.

Men Clothes

The usual work clothes for Italian men from the small cities are jeans, cotton pants, sneakers and old comfortable sweater above the shirt. Looking for elegant men you should go the big city. The true Italian style is elegant jacket with sport shoes. You can meet elegant Italians in the business part of big city, where the most of business centers, museums, theatres are concentrated. Italians like easy way of looking to be natural and freedom. It is not a problem to wear suit, brand shoes and no socks. Nevertheless, Italians, men and women like branded clothes and accessories.

As you know, Rome is a city of shopping and interesting excursions. Of course, there is no big desire to waste time only for shopping. It is very important to hire a car in Rome and go in search of TOP Roman shops that help you to look great and up-to-date.

Trendy italian

Saddlers Union

The Saddlers shop is full of brand bags, travel bags and other accessories. The shop is popular among tourists, locals and celebrities. They like being here.

Address: Via Margutta, 11

Sole by Soledad Twombley

This shop is situated not far from the famous Spanish Steps – the most beautiful steps in Europe. The shop welcomes you with the original brand clothes made of Italian, Indian textile. The stylish clothes from this particular shop are worth the money you spend.

Address: Via Gregoriana, 34


This shop is worth visiting just after the Saddlers shop, the first in your shopping list. The assortment is huge. You can see everything that is important for your shopping bag: stylish casual clothes, evening dresses, special suits for beach rest and exiting parties.

Address: Piazza di Pasquino, 4

My Cup of Tea

This is the shop-studio of design clothes and accessories. The most creative young artists and experienced designers works here.

Address: Via del Babuino, 65

Fratelli Vigano

This is the men shop. You husband, boyfriend or friend can find classic clothes, hats, caps and other important accessories here to look perfectly well.

Address: Via Marco Minghetti, 7

Spazio IF

Meet the little shop-gallery that is the paradise for women. The assortment of bags, swimming suits, scarfs is impressive. You can find accessories from Irene Ferrara and the most of Sicilian designers.  , The shop is situated in the old Roman street that is full of antique shops, vintage boutiques and modern outlets. Everything is creative here.

Address: Via dei Coronari, 44a

Miu Miu

Delfina Delettrez

That is it! This is a shop, where women feel like at home. Of course, this is the favorite shop of the most of locals and tourists. If you are limited in budget, you may come and see the beauty and variety of jewelry. This is the jewelry shop! This is not just a shop of jewelry but Delfina Delettrez jewelry shop. She is from Fendi’s family. You can get mass of positive emotions just looking and touching. Come and see!

Address: Via Governo Vecchio, 67

Strategic Business Unit

This is a shop of three brothers Perfetti, Patrizio and Cristiano. You are offered with the wide choice of different clothes of interesting styles and for many occasions. You can also find shoes and accessories.

Address: Via di San Pantaleo, 68-69

Di San Giacomo Gioielli

Welcome to the shoes paradise! You can buy hand-made shoes from Giacomo Gioielli. This master is serious and accurate artist that is characterized as the greatest shoe master in Italy. You can see the shoes of fine work and try something to fit you.

Address: Via di Tor Millina, 10/11

Maurizio Grossi

This shop can help you to bring the part of Italy back to you place in your suit case. Oh no, this is not the variant to dig something or break the nearest house in order to take something for present. If you want to enjoy Italian architecture from your place, it is enough to come to this shop and order something. You can make lamp, statue, column to be made of your size and material of different precious stones and colors.

Address: Via Margutta, 109

Fendi Borderline Satin Clutch - borderline inside out

Italian Brands

It is time to start with the typical Italian life. The average salary of Italians is 1200-1500 EUR. Nevertheless, the most of them buy clothes and accessories from Prada, Armani or Gucci to pay 500-600 EUR for one little bag. It can often happen that woman buys a cute bag from Chanel for 1000 EUR on trust. Nevertheless, the most of brands speak about their quality. For example, it is better to buy 1 bag from Prada than 20 and more bags from the doubtful producers. Prada is high quality and tastefulness.

Of course, this philosophy is typical for big cities: Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence. The women from small cities prefer medium class Italian brands. They are also not cheap. For example, there is only one brand shop in the small village not far from Milan. Such popular brands as Guess by Marciano, Penny Black, Marella, Trussardi are available there for high prices, starting from 100 EUR. Nevertheless, the goods always go sell like hot cakes.


Finally, Italians like fashion and stylish clothes. The question of their good look and appearance is highly important. It is more important than the question of food or coffee. Never forget that fashion look does not mean bright or exciting. Indeed, you look good if your clothes are plain, branded and tasteful. Think about it and try to visit all interesting brand shops in Rome to renew your wardrobe.