Media Mosaic: Business Is About Relationships

It is very easy to forget that business is all about relationships but we cannot neglect the fact that it is a very crucial part of business success.  Relationships that we have around us- be with the clients, customers, vendors, former customers, and more.

Below are some strategies of how to protect that relationship:

  • Lookat the reason behind your business apology and who else has been affected by the situation.
  • Determinethe most appropriate way to apologize and when to be
  • Ask and answerthe following four basic questions:
  • What are you apologizing for?
  • Who are you apologizing to?
  • How do you apologize?
  • When should you apologize?

When someone complains about your service or bad experience then it doesn’t mean that this is the end of your relationship. Instead, it is an opportunity to strengthen that relationship and rebuild it.

Media Mosaic: Business Is About Relationships

Listen them carefully

What do you learn when you listen? When your customer had a poor experience no matter how big or small the problem is the best way to handle the situation is to carefully listen to them. Find out the problems that would have created more dissatisfied customers in the future.

When you listen to a customer or client, you have an opportunity to make a relationship better and more trustful with them. By listening to them, you know them you care. When a customer is unhappy it doesn’t mean you will lose them forever. After listening to them, let them know you heard their problem will try to solve as quick as possible.

Customers Apology Value More

What value more for you an apology or monetary compensation? An apology from your esteemed customer or some monetary value in exchange for the bad service. Unhappy customers or clients are more willing to forgive a company who ask for an apology instead of money related things.

Media Mosaic knows how to build a good and healthy relationship with their customer or their client. They make happy customer because they believe in ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth). Media Mosaic value more their clients rather than money. You can heard about them more on various social media platforms on can simply check for more details on the link mentioned.