How to Get a Criminal Record Background Check

Having your background checked is a common experience. Most employers will want a check done, and so will many landlords and other rental companies. This is because it can give a fairly accurate picture of things such as liability, dependability and more. A criminal record background check can help you in many different instances, such as hiring employees and renting to potential tenants. When you are looking for a service to provide you with quick and accurate checks it is important to know what your options are and why you want to conduct the check. This can help you find the company that will best meet your needs for many types of pre-employment screenings.

What Are You Looking For?

A criminal record background check can have different results depending on what you are looking for and yet be as important to the hiring process as an application or drug test. An example of this is that you can screen potential employees based on whether they disclosed any felonies on the application by looking for the same ones on the background check. You can also choose between different types of entries on the background check to see if an applicant is hirable. For instance, if a charge was reduced then you can assume that the applicant went through all the necessary steps to get it done. This can show a dedication that can benefit your company. Different types of background checks will offer back different types of results so it is a good idea to research which one is the best for your all needs before you go looking for a company to perform it.

Who Offers It?

Employee criminal background check services can be found online. A quick internet search can turn up hundreds of companies to help with all of your background check needs. Some of these companies will also offer drug screening services and much more. To find the right company for the job, it is a good idea to make a list of needs and then compare this list against what each company offers. You can then look into the reputation of the company and get referrals and recommendations from business contacts. Some checking companies can even screen applicants in a way that best benefits your company. For instance, if you need to have your employees screen internationally, then you need a service that can handle those requests. You can also find some screening companies who offer pre-employment drug testing services to give you one-stop-shopping for all of your pre-employment needs.

Criminal record background check companies can help you screen your employees according to the criteria which best match your needs. For example, you can design a system to search for domestic or international criminal records as well as driving records and education verification. This can help you minimize the amount of time you spend interviewing candidates who do not meet the criteria or who have falsified application information. Many background check companies can also offer you drug testing and other services to tailor your application screening process to your needs.