Do You Have An Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are one of the hardest addictions for the outside world to see.  If you are an overeater, you might just be considered by others as fat and lazy. If you are anorexic, you might just be perceived as skinny, and if you are bulimic, so much of your disorder takes place behind closed doors. Eating disorders are not as serious as other types of obvious addictions, like alcohol dependency and drugs, so quite often, the person does not seek the help they need. Women are affected more by eating disorders and should consider treatment at a women’s rehab center if you can relate to some of following signs.

  1. Negative Body Image.

You might have constant thought about your body and the way you look. Women have a lot of pressure on them to look good. They are taught at a young age to want to be like the princesses they grew up with. You might be unable to accept a compliment on your appearance because it does not fit in with your self-image.

  1. Constant Exercise.

Exercise in itself is not bad, but constantly going over the tip with your exercise routine can reveal an unhealthy desire to be one specific way only. You may want to work out even when you are sick.

  1. You Don’t Want to Eat in Public

When you have body issues, you are highly self-conscious. Do you ever not want to go out to eat because you might feel judged? If this makes you nervous, then it might mean something is there.

  1. Cooking Meals for Others

This may seem inconspicuous, but if you have an eating disorder, you are obsessed with food. Cooking for others can feel like “porn” for food. You are living vicariously through others. After watching everyone eat and go home, you might binge, only then feeling comfortable to eat as your guest did.

  1. Dry Skin

When you binge and purge or avoid food altogether you are dehydrating and not giving yourself the nutrients you need. This can be exacerbated by taking laxatives. Sometimes, you will develop scraping on the back of your hand, which is the result of your hand scraping against your teeth while inducing vomiting. Women’s rehab centers are experts on all of the little things that you’re eating disorder can cause just like this. Give one a call if you are concerned about something happening to you that you don’t understand.

  1. Constantly Cold

Are you constantly cold? You can feel this way if you are not getting the nutrition you need from bulimia or have little fat on your bones due to anorexia. It’s hard to maintain your body temperature when you are not wearing a “coat” perse.

  1. Overly Concerned About Safe Foods

It’s one thing to eat healthily, but it is another thing to be obsessed with it. This is not a standard eating disorder but perhaps an indication of anorexia. You may not change what you eat, and keep a limit diet due to your thin obsession.

  1. Eating Rituals

Have you ever been with mixed company at dinner and noticed someone not eating? Sometimes you will see a person arrange food a certain way on their plate, or pretend to cut food and move it around as if you are eating when you actually aren’t.

  1. Weird Food Combinations

Bingers are notorious for mixing foods together that no one has ever heard of. Since this always take place behind closed door, it’s the person’s way managing their food addiction.

Any type of eating disorder can make you irritable, and want to be alone. You may not want to face social situations and withdraw from life because of how uncomfortable being around food makes you. You don’t have to live that way.