Choosing The Right Scorer Table

It doesn’t matter which sport you play or at which level you play; every game will need an efficient and effective way of keeping score.  The simple reason for this is to ensure that the game proceeds smoothly.

Whilst there is always a need for a referee or similar person to decide who wins which point, the right scorer table can ensure there is no argument regarding the score being kept properly.  The only debate will be whether the referee was right or not.  This is something which you just have to accept!

Types of Scorer Table

The original scorer table was a simple board with the numbers changed manually.  This could have been as simple as a chalk board.  Often the scorer table was simply numbers on large plastic cards which were changed as necessary.

 The digital scorer table is much more than simply a means of keeping the score displayed for eager fans; it is designed to be informative and educational.  This can be achieved by using huge digital scorer tables which are more akin to massive televisions than the old fashioned scoring systems.

The best digital scorer table will utilize the latest LED technology and can be fully accessorized with a range of useful additions such as the digital sign, possession arrows and even LED clocks.  The purpose of all the different signs is simply to enhance the experience for the audience.

The LED Scorer Table

This is an affordable option for almost any college or even high school.  It is, as described above, the massive screens which will display the score throughout the game.  However, these screens can also be used to display images of the crowd or even to display promotional videos.  This can help to inform the audience, help them to enjoy the game or even deliver a personal message.

The Digital Scorer Table

These work on the same premise as the LED scorer table, they are simply older technology.  They will work effectively and display all the necessary scores, action from the game and even a range of other footage.  However, they will not provide the same quality that the LED scorer table does.

The Backlit Scorer Table

This is a more traditional approach to scorer tables.  You can find this type of scorer table in a variety of wood finishes.  It is a huge wooden screen where the score is written in chalk and changed every time someone scores.  Although not a high tech option it is a cheaper and reliable choice.

The Cost

One of the biggest factors in choosing a scorer table is simply the cost of it.  The LED scorer table is the most expensive of these options but you may be surprised at how affordable it actually is.  The cost should also be considered in conjunction with the additional features that it provides; this can create valuable advertising opportunities which can offset the cost of purchasing the scorer table.