7 Ways Renting A Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Family

Many people assume that renting a storage unit is only beneficial when you are moving. The truth is that families often find that they can use them for a number of reasons throughout the year, even when moving is not on the agenda. Some of them may be reasons you never even considered, but either way, they can help reduce your clutter and keep your favorite possessions safe when they are not in use.

1. Store baby gear

Perhaps your infant is a toddler or preschooler now, and she no longer needs that crib, infant car seat, and bassinet. Then you have the boxes and bins of baby clothing, bottles, and toys. You don’t want to get rid of them because you’d like to try for baby number two in the future, and that stuff can be expensive to replace. Keep it all packed away in a storage unit until you need it again.

2. Store seasonal kids’ gear

Speaking of your kids, they grow up eventually, and they are probably going to want things like bicycles, skateboards, and scooters. They may play sports, like football or baseball, that require equipment like bats, gloves, balls, helmets, and pads. If you live in an apartment or smaller home, storing these items during the off season or when it’s cold outside can become tedious. Choosing Memphis storage units to hold the gear when it’s not in use can also keep it in better condition for longer periods of time.

3. Store college furniture during the summer or after graduation

If your kids are all grown up, there is a chance they are headed off to college soon and you are collecting everything they will need to live on their own. Perhaps they are already away at college and will have to clean out their dorm or apartment for the summer. You may even find that your college grad is moving back in with you for a while, as more and more kids are doing just that these days. Whatever the situation, you need a place to keep furniture and household items when your college student is at your place. A storage unit solves that problem instantly.

4. Store holiday decor.

Some people love to go all out for the holidays. Artificial Christmas trees, outdoor lights, and indoor holiday decor can take up space in your basement, attic, or garage. You also put it at risk for flooding or exposure to high and low temperatures that can ruin it when you store it in your home. Storage units that offer climate control can help keep your beloved holiday decor safe.

5. Store recreational vehicles.

If your family has a recreational vehicle, such as a boat or RV, you probably enjoy using it, but you don’t use it 365 days a year. Many HOAs have rules about parking these types of vehicles in your driveway, and in some cases, you may just find that you don’t have room for them. Even if you could keep them at home, you risk damage and fading from the sun, rain, snow, ice, wind, and thunderstorms. Many storage facilities offer units large enough for your to park your vehicles.

6. Store an older loved one’s belongings.

If you have parents or grandparents who have reached their golden years, you may find that eventually, it makes more sense for them to move in with your family. The transition can be difficult and complicated for both of you, but having a place where they can store and visit their favorite possessions can help make it easier.

7. Store business supplies.

You have decided to start your own business, but the supplies are taking over the house. There is so much paper work to keep on file, and then you have your inventory. Keeping in the house not only creates clutter, but you run the risk of ruining it when someone spills a drink or a pipe busts or something disastrous happens. Keeping it in storage is safe, and you can access it 24 hours a day.