Types Of Bridal Lehengas To Flaunt Your Ethnic Look

India is a land known for its multitudes of festivities, cultures and occasions for dressing up traditionally is always something that keeps on happening round the corner. Not only the main festivals like Diwali, Holi etc but festivals like Karva Chauth and Bhai Dooj or even a wedding, calls up for an occasion of dressing up in your favorite and most loved ethnic wear. Though, it’s a very big task in getting the perfect ethnic wear and also dressing up in that. When talking about ethnic wear, Lehenga Choli is one thing that comes into the mind at the very first place. If you are the bride to be, more than half of your ethnic looks are of lehenga. It can be tough choosing the right one for you.

Types of Bridal Lehengas

  1. Circular or Flared Lehenga

It is the oldest known and most traditional style of lehenga. It has a broad flare and it forms a complete circle at the hem. The Lehenga has great volume and starts with several pleats at the hem which finally diffuse as one goes down the flare. If you are interested in getting your lehenga customized from Tailors In Bangalore then go for fabrics which give huge borders at the hem and take number of pleats. Don’t go for a fabric that has too much embroidery.

  1. Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga

This type of lehenga imitates the mermaids; it is tight at the knees and is flared from the calves in a fishtail form. These Lehengas are very tight at the hips as well as the waists. It is recommended that they must be worn with a proper bodysuit inside.

  1. Panelled Lehenga

This lehenga is made of horizontal panels of fabrics that are attached along the flares of the lehenga. The volume of flare gets increased because of too many panels of fabrics used . For giving your Lehenga a colorful design, online Tailors in Bangalore tend to use a contrasting pair of fabrics. This Lehenga is not actually bridal type but it’s best if you are attending a function.

  1. A-Line Lehenga

This lehenga as the name suggest has an usual A-line hem which forms a perfect A. The lehenga is tight at waist and has flares out at the the bottom. The numbers of pleats in this lehenga are very less.

  1. Sharara cut Lehenga

The market trends keep on changing every day. Lehengas too have evolved a lot these days. A new type of trend in Lehengas these days Is sharara- cute Lehenga which is stitched from the middle of Lehenga as a plazo or a trouser but gives the look of a Lehenga. These are usually worn by muslim brides with long kurtis.

  1. Straight-Cut Lehenga

A straight cut Lehenga like the name says is a straight skirt which flows through the body curves and doesn’t flare out like the other usual lehengas. It’s one of the most versatile options and looks good with all the body types. The Lehenga is very skin hugging, so one has to be careful with the inners they wear with this one.

  1. Half Saree Lehenga

This type of Lehenga has been inspired from South India half sarees. It gives you a saree look which is virtual and saves you with the time and hassle of tying a saree. The look is due to the way one drapes the Lehenga with the dupatta. You can call it a low flared A line lehnega.

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