The Immense Popularity Of Video Games Among Different Age Groups

If you do a survey among few middle-aged people and few young adults, you will probably find out that everyone among them love to play video games. Yes, it is true that everyone loves to play video games and as per data collected by MacArthur Foundation Survey, the interactive entertainment apps enjoy huge penetration among all age groups. Speaking of all sorts of age groups, video games are heavily played by everyone, starting from young adults to grandparents.

Have you ever wondered what the reason behind this kind of popularity is? Well, there are many factors which contribute to this soaring popularity. Here are some.

  • Video games will save the world

The director of Game Research & Development at the Institute for the Future, it has been observed that video games fulfill human needs which can’t otherwise be satiated in the real world. Digital games or video games offer rewards and reality doesn’t offer. The human brain easily puts themselves into the shoes of a game character and experience identical emotions as the main character of the game. Hence, whenever game characters are developed, they are tested by the companies. For the characters of Purble Place, you may check out

  • Video games inspire, teach and engage audience

Video games often inspire, teach and engage everyone who is engaged in it and this is a feat which isn’t practical in real life. This is the reason behind a large number of games being used for education, marketing and promotions. Hence the gaming industry is radically flourishing and is taking a giant leap of faith. People are making video games extremely popular.

  • Video games train the brain to solve problems

The human brain is blessed with abilities to solve any kind of problems and one of the prominent reasons behind the popularity of video games among a section of the society is their capability to train the brain for enhanced agility. Studies reveal that being interactive with the game characters while playing the game will brush off the problem solving skills of a person.

  • Makes you compatible among cross-platforms

Virtual games have reached the world across various age-groups and formats, thanks to the technology and the increased demand for them. Nowadays, games are being designed for cross-platforms which means for laptops, phones and standalone game consoles. Without the required support, you couldn’t have found the game versions on smartphone and hence by playing such games you can also become compatible across various platforms.

So, although there is a lot of stigma attached to video games, yet they are popular for various reasons. Being a new generation adult, you should definitely have a little bit of experience with video games in order to reap the above benefits.