How To Spy Android For Free: Use One Of These Apps!

Tracking someone from work or a family member is now made easy. With the advancement of technology, you can quickly follow your loved one. By just tapping these mobile applications, you can get there location and SMS and call history.

How To Spy Android For Free: Use One Of These Apps!

In this article, mSpy is going to list down some of the free Android spy apps that you can use.  These apps are free android spy apps; furthermore, they are undetectable by the user of the phones. Have a look at should you be interested in more information w.r.t this app.

  • Cell Tracker

If you want to locate your employee’s location, then this app might be the one for you. With this application, you can quickly view the location of your employee by using their company phones. The cell tracker automatically collects their location with the use of GPS or GPRS data. By just clicking “View Now,” you can see their location.

  • Monitor Call SMS Location

If you are looking for a free Android spy app for texting, the Monitor Call SMS Location is the one for you. One of the best features of this app is the unlimited access to SMS, Call logs and web history and receives email reports of this access. It can also access your target’s location even if the device is GPS disabled.

  • Ear Spy

One of the good things about this app is it allows you to record the conversation. It enhances and amplifies the sound around you. It uses your mobile phone’s microphone to record the sounds and conversations. The said app also comes with equalizer settings that allow you to tweak the configuration.

  • Mobile hidden camera

One of the main features of this camera is too quickly capture images even when your phone is in sleep mode. Once you have activated this app, you can get fast snapshot features. It also has an electronic record that allows you to record the feed without clicking anything.  It is easy to use and doesn’t take up too much space on your phone.

  • Children Tracker

This app is a perfect monitoring app for parents who are always worried about their children. This application allows you to trace the location of your kids wherever they are. It is compatible with any types of device. You can also access it anywhere.

You can download this app on their phone and hide it once you have it set up. Then, you can track their mobile phones with your computer or another mobile device.

  • IP Cam Viewer Lite

It is one of the best mobile applications because of its central feature. This app allows you to view and control your IP Camera, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, DVR, and webcams with your Android device. The said application also has an audio notification that gives an alarm when it detects motions in the background. It automatically records the events once motion is detected.


These are just some of the spy apps that you can download from your Play Store.  To get more details about each of them, you can read some reviews online.