Here’s A Comprehensive List Of The Best Phone Tracker Apps

Here's A Comprehensive List Of The Best Phone Tracker Apps

GPS trackers are one of the handiest mobile applications. Many company owners are thankful of GPS phone tracker applications. It helps them keep track of their employees when they are outside the enterprise. And it allows them to know if their employees are making a productive progress on the assigned tasks given to them. Here’s a list of the best GPS phone tracker applications that can help business owner keep track of their employees.


No doubt, the mSpy app is at the top of the list. Thisphone tracker app is safe, secure, and highly convenient. In fact, it does not only allow you to track the target phone but it also lets you remotely control its activity through your smartphone or computer. It was designed and developed by

Labor Sync

This GPS phone tracker is a cloud-based app that can track your workforce wherever you are located. It can help you check the precise location of your employees. And it allows you to test the clock in and out of your employees. The said app comes with an interactive map for easy monitoring. Aside from these features, it also comes with a messaging app for announcements and updates regarding meetings and project feedbacks.

Employee Time Clock with GPS

The Employee Time Clock app is a Timesheet mobile application that can be accessed anywhere. It can automate the timekeeping process of your employee logs and transfer them to your Quickbooks. This application has real-time sync and reporting features. It also comes withGPS verification for your employees and mapping features to help you monitor the locations of your crew.


This iPhone GPS tracker allows you easily track your crew wherever they are. It has an easy edit and entry for seamless tracking. HoursTracker comes with an automatic overtime, tags and filters and location awareness. It makes it easy for transporting notifications and updates to your employees when they are at work. This application is not applicable for Android phones.


Hubstaff is one of the best GPS phone trackers that work well for both Android and IOS phones. Its software is web-based and is compatible with an operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. This phone tracker dies not only track their employees. It also has a payroll integration feature, electronic reporting, and productivity monitoring.


This application can give you an efficient time tracking and location monitoring service. Gleeo has an optimized UI for different kinds of devices. It is easy and access. You can review and check your employees when they are moving from one location to another. You can export the reports through Bluetooth and email.

It also gives you unlimited access to projects and tasks in each project. Aside from that, Gleeo has an interactive timeline that displays your crew’s activities which you can personalize. This app is also compatible with Automagic, another GPS phone tracker app.Automagic can record the automatic location and time of the user and sends it out as a reminder.


Mobile Phone Trackers can be a big help to many company owners. Because of these apps, they don’t have to worry about leaving their employees alone at work. By just a tap, they can quickly check their employees wherever they are around the globe.