Google Pixel 2- Why Would It Win Your Heart?

Google Pixel 2

Do you know that Google Pixel 2 would surely win your heart! You might be wondering why. Well, the internet rumors are suggesting that it would be certainly a fabulous handset which would attain a lot of success. In fact people are desperately waiting for its release. So let’s find when it is releasing and what special features it would have:

Time of launch: There are fair chances that the fantastic Pixel 2 would be released very soon. Now, you might be thinking that how is it possible when Google’s new models are released before Barcelona’s tech show. Well, we are revealing this secret for the Smartphone lovers, who want to see this fabulous handset that its launch is on cards at the last quarter of this year.

Price: We all are aware of the fact that it is very difficult to tell the price of Google products before its launch with certainty. Our experts are expecting it to be around 649 pound, if it comes without curved technology.

Design and build: The design of Google handset is always stunning and is made with a beautiful combination of metal and glass. The same is expected in case of Google Pixel 2. People are expecting it to be a good looking handset, which no one could afford to overlook.

We are aware of the fact that Google Pixel was not a complete success, due to some issues in it. Well, Google has understood this fact and is completely prepared to not let it happen again, at least not in Pixel 2. It would surely flaunt with a water proof body, fabulous battery and reversible USB Type C.

Storage, processor and memory: You might be thinking that this time whether Google would have its own processor or would stick to Qualcomm. The head of Google has committed having Snapdragon 82X this time.

6GB RAM could be there, but 4GB RAM is more likely.  The storage is most likely to be 64GB/128GB.

Screen:  The Pixel 2 can have amazing 5 inch screen along with AMOLED technology.

Some extra specifications: Google always bring amazing gizmos and gadgets for its users. It has planned to introduce fingerprint scanner in this handset, along with IR Blaster and Heart Rate Monitor.

Cameras: Some bizarre rumors are indicating towards a massive camera. There is probability of 20 Mp sensor and enhanced optical image stabilization.

Software: It would be certainly preloaded with wonderful Android as well as Google User Interface, TouchWiz.

We hope you are in position to judge why Pixel 2 would win your heart.

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