An Insight Into Sustainable Interior Designing

In the field of interior designing, it has been seen that design schools are now encouraging students to showcase their talents in the field of sustainable designing. This design can be applied for interior designing, renovation or detailing. The design reflects both culture and aesthetics. It is a design that is touted to be the design of the future and can be used in both homes and offices.

Scott Jay Abraham is an interior designer for homes and offices with years of invaluable experience in the field. Besides interior designing he loves to travel to places where people do not go much. His companion is his pet dog named Shadow. Both Shadow and he love traveling and on his travels he also picks up inspiration for interior designing and décor.

Coming back to sustainable interior design he says, there are several factors for improving the thrust of green living or sustainability. Some of these interior designing ideas have been widely accepted and with the aid of natural resources, you can get outstanding interior design ideas for your home with success. In fact, more and more interior designers should embrace these ideas when it comes to home and office décor.

How to Embrace the Green Approach?

An interior designer should have an eye for detail and the same applies for sustainable interior design as well. He says that when it comes to inspiration for ideas, his traveling adventures and trips takes him to places that people do not generally visit. Being a backpacker, he loves to explore nature and in the process brings home with him several ideas that improve the décor of homes and offices in a natural way. He adds that green resources are in vogue and with the aid of them you can not only transform space but also make it eco friendly as well.

As an interior designer, he says there are several ways via which you may embrace the green approach. Generally people use energy efficient lights and other appliances for going green. Bathroom fixtures are also available and they help in saving consumption of electricity. However, many materials can be used in interior designing for both homes and offices.

He adds that one of the best ways to maximize sustainable interior designing is to maximize space available in the home or the office. In this way, you can actually reduce the materials and resources you need for construction in the home or the office project. In addition to the above, ventilation and natural light can also be taken advantage of, he says.

Embracing the use of Locally Made Furniture

He adds that he says that the key style to practice sustainability is to use furniture that has been locally sourced. He also encourages the use of products that have been manufactured with socially responsible practices. Scott Abraham saysthat in home and office interior designing, you may opt for vintage décor and go in for fixtures, furniture, carpets and other materials that have been made from recycled resources.