Admiring The Sea: Best Seafront Restaurants In Faro

The Portuguese city of Faro is famous for not only its architecture and sightseeing places but also for the excellent eco-tourism zone. Shell-covered, white, sandy beaches are making you feel like you are at the paradise. The fish, cooked to perfection on the Faro seashore, and the great value wines would hold over your returning to the hotel. Spending most of the time on the beach, having your suppers and dinners there as well, combining great food with the breathtaking scenery-what could be more tempting?

Even if you are staying far from the beach, just rent a car at Faro Airport and you will definitely succeed in trying all of the restaurants from our list.

Restaurante Ze Maria

Admiring The Sea: Best Seafront Restaurants In Faro

Location: Avenida Nascente No 18, Faro 8005-520

The magnificent view of the sea together with the decent meal are making this place quite attractive for the tourists. The prices are low, which is not affecting the food. Some of the dishes are truly excellent. The location is fantastic; the place is neat and always ready to receive a call. The service is efficient and friendly. However, fresh delicious seafood is the main reason for coming to this restaurant. The grilled sea bass and the clams are so fresh, it even seems that you can still feel the sea. There are different seating options in Ze Maria restaurant, but those, where you are sitting at the outdoor sheltered area, are the most popular. The reason is that this way you are looking towards the empty beach, having a great outlook over it and enjoying the sunset over the water. The restaurant is always filled with locals, as their rice with the razor clam (“Arroz de Lingueirão”) is one of the best in Faro.

Estamine restaurant

Admiring The Sea: Best Seafront Restaurants In Faro

Working hours: 11.00-17.30(Winter); 10.30-19.00(Summer)

Location: Ilha Deserta | Ilha da Barreta, Faro 8005-554

Standing on the southerly most point of Portugal, the restaurant is surrounded by the calm atmosphere of the island. It is situated on the coast of the Ria Formosa natural park. A part of the Algarve mountain range, the coast and the sand dunes could be seen through the panoramic windows of the Estamine restaurant. There is also a snack-bar with jugs of sangria, sandwiches, soft drinks and ice-creams, which could be taken to the beach.

At the Estaminé restaurant, the preferences are given to the seasonal local products together with the freshest fish. Here you may try white bream, sea bream, cockles, cuttlefish, grouper and the shrimps. The traditional Octopus Estupetas salads are prepared according to the domestic recipes, which have been refined during many Algarvian generations.

This restaurant is having all the facilities, which the costumers may need for a wonderful day at the beach: sun chairs, showers, sunshades. You may even spend your time on the pedal boats and kayaks. With stunning panoramic views, the building of the Estamine restaurant fits the surrounding landscape very well.

Ria Formosa Restaurant

Admiring The Sea: Best Seafront Restaurants In Faro

Working hours: lunch: 12:30-15:00; dinner: 19:30-22:30

Location: Praca Dom Francisco Gomes N0 2 | Hotel Faro

The Ria Formosa restaurant is situated on the 4th floor, on the rooftop terrace of the Faro Hotel. The view over the city there is breathtaking. No matter the season or the time of a day, this place is always inviting and moving with the times. The service and the food are superb. The menu is offering the new inventive dishes together with the old classics.

At 7.30-10.30 in the morning, a wide range of fresh and delicious breakfast items is served at the restaurant. The lunch menu is as well extensive- it would suit both the tourists and the people, who are on their business trip. If you would like to enjoy stunning view over the sea, it is better to come before the beginning of the dinner to order a cocktail and to relax admiring the magnificent sunset.

O Castelo

Admiring The Sea: Best Seafront Restaurants In Faro

Working hours: 10.30-4.00

Location: Rua do Castelo 11, Faro 8000-243

Standing behind the Taberna Modesto, this restaurant is a bit hard to be found, but the efforts are worth it! It is situated on one of the Algarvian most beautiful beaches and its sun terrace is wonderful. The stunning views, which you could feed your eyes on, are inviting to spend hours there over the delicious cocktails or a few beers.

You may enjoy the planes coming to Faro airport, or the peaceful view of the water and the birds diving for the fish.

The staff is friendly and polite. The traditional Portuguese food here is very tasty.

Wax Restobar

Admiring The Sea: Best Seafront Restaurants In Faro

Working hours: Monday-Friday: 10.00-12.00, Saturday: 9.30-12.00 Sunday: 9.30-13.00

Location: Avenida Nascente 10, Faro 8005-520

The interior of Wax Restobar is decorated in good taste, creating cozy atmosphere. It is pleasant to sit and relax having a vast view of a sunlit beach and the silver sparkling sea in front of you. This place attracts many people, so it is better to book a table in advance.

Here, the salads are generous, burgers are meaty, and the cocktails are fresh and full of the sun. The staff is efficient, very welcoming and friendly. You would be seated straight away, the drinks’ and the food service is rapid and of good quality. The dishes are priced reasonably. Good food, brilliant beach location- this Faro restaurant is definitely one of the top 5 on the seashore.