7 Of The Most Beautiful Parks Around The World

Spend time outdoors in the natural world to rejuvenate the senses and stimulate the mind. Visit lush green meadows, find a shaded spot, indulge in people watching, and experience the blissful sounds of nature. Escape the rushed urban existence and find a welcome retreat in a park where things slow down to your own pace. Such places exist everywhere, offering you a fusion of tranquillity and spectacular beauty for a quick escape. Sit relaxing in a beautiful park, sunbathe on the velvety lawns, and enjoy the flora and fauna.

Here are 7 of the most beautiful parks around the world –

  1. Villa Doria Pamphili, Rome

When in Rome, take some time out and visit the iconic 184-acre park and enjoy the nature. Spend time in this dreamy park, sit by a natural lake, enjoy concerts and indulge in hours of bird watching. Get lost in the surreal beauty and wildlife of the park.

  1. Central Park, New York City

Spare a whole day, and even more, for this iconic 843-acre NYC Park. From lakes, gardens, ice skating, concerts, and more, you’ll get everything an urban park could possibly offer. Visit major attractions and take in the scenic beauty with Central Park bike tours to have a great time here.

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne

A Melbourne trip is incomplete unless you visit the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens. See 31 plant collections dotting the landscape and lending a unique charm to this awarded garden. While you enjoy the natural beauty and lush green scenery during the day, save some time in the evening for the Melbourne Observatory.

  1. Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

When done with the urban charms and sights, take some time out and head to the amazingly beautiful 17th century Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. The atmosphere is so surreal, dotted with blooming flowerbeds and manicured lawns. Walk along tree lined promenades and experience the magnificence of this world-renowned place.

  1. Hyde Park, London

London has a total of eight royal parks, and Hyde Park is perhaps the most famous of them all. Spanning some 350 acres, the park has plenty of flora that add beauty, keeping its visitors engrossed. Here, you can also enjoy horseback riding and recreational swimming.

  1. Ueno Park, Tokyo

Flowers dot the landscape of this park in such an overwhelming manner that you would be hard pressed to find any empty space. During the spring, locals and tourists alike head to this park as the cherry blossoms spring to life. Picnics among the flowers are a popular activity for visitors here.

  1. Stanley Park, Vancouver

This park is incredibly vast in size and scale, delighting visitors with its scenic waterfront views and landmarks. You can walk along the famous Seawall, and the park even has a rainforest! Further, there are many forest trails for visitors interested in hiking.                                                         —