7 Essential WordPress Plugins Before Deploying Your Website

WordPress – one of the most sought after web development services have taken the whole world on a ride. More and more people have adopted this content management system to create eccentric websites. There are a multitude of web solutions company that promises the best of results.One can witness a variety of WordPress website development services that these companies are ready to dole out. Various aspects of the website development is taken care by the WordPress service providers.

WordPress plugins are used to accentuate the functionalities of a website. A custom based website could very well be made using the WordPress plugins. Today let me walk you through some of the WordPress plugins that will help you in creating a great WordPress powered website.

Essential WordPress plugins:

The 7 fundamental WordPress Plugins to be considered before your website makes its live performance on the world wide web

Yoast SEO:

A website is created with an intention to get it recognized on the online platter and to make this possible SEO plays the guiding tool to get your website noticed by the google crawlers. Yoast SEO is one such essential plugin that will make your work easier when it comes to getting your website ranked on the first page of the google search. Do not miss to make use of this plugin

All in one WP Security:

Acing up the security of your WordPress-powered website? WordPress website development services are incomplete without a security feature that protects a WordPress powered website. You can bet on the All in one WP Security plugin for safeguarding your WordPress powered website. This security plugin is necessary to keep the security of your website a double protection against the black hatters.

WP Fastest Cache:

Creating a static file plays an important role in converting all your dynamic WordPress website contents to static HTML files that considerably helps in improving the website’s performance to a large extent.

WP Smush:

Have you loaded your website with all the high definition images and videos, then WP Smush is the ultimate plugin that will save you from slowing down your website’s performance. This plugin will help you to score better in the Google Speed by considerably reducing the file size so that the website can be loaded without consuming much of time.

BJ Lazy Load:

Another useful plugin that helps to accelerate the loading speed of the website. With WP Smush you get to reduce the file size and with BJ Lazy Load you can, accelerate the speed of the website. BJ Lazy Load increases the performance of your website by loading only those pictures that the users are viewing and the remaining images are kept on hold until and unless they are scrolled over.


The WordPress website development services should not be limited to what is being displayed on the world wide web, it should be capable enough to store all the crucial information on altogether a new and secure place so as to access them as and when the need arises. UpdraftPlus-Backup/Restore is one such essential plugin that is sure to restore all your data on a secure platform that could be accessed as per the requirements.


Clearing up the extra clutter often gives way to something new and more desirous in nature which can be. WP-Optimize helps is a plugin that will help you to clear up the database by erasing the spam comment and old blog post that does not serve any purpose. This will help you to create more space by clearing off the clutter.